Panda on LuvMutt



Ha! Rent! I love it!

I Love This Dog So Much !


She has the most soulful eyes!

OHMYGAWD! (Yes, I'm yelling.) Love her! I always knew she had true star quality, but I didn't realize she was actually a working actress at one point. Great job, Miss P!

Dear Panda,

Can you please email me and tell me how to get some acting jobs? This laying around the house gig doesn't pay very well.


Panda! You're fabulous! :)
Hope your paw is feeling better!

I never get tired of Panda's expression when she has to pose with yarn.

Yay Panda! I just want to give her a big ol' smooch, she's so cute.

Lovely ! I like the last photo the best !

OMG...Panda is just too cute! I love the Rent shot! :)

I love the photos of your furry children and I really like seeing the photos of your doggie activities. I also appreciate that you're into mixed breeds and that you rescued Panda.....

However I have to caution you to be more judicious when choosing websites to broadcast on your blog.

The LuvMutt website has an advertisement for which is nothing more than a puppy mill.

I know that you would never intentionally hurt a dog, but encouraging people to buy from puppy mills is adding to the torture of thousands of pets per year.

Please don't encourage your readers (who may not know any better) to go to that website only to find an ad for a puppy mill where they could possibly get a pet through one without knowing better.

If we all stick together we can put an end to puppy mills.


Hi Tracy,
Both my dogs are rescues and I do not support puppy mills.
I took a look at LuvMutt’s advertisement and they appear to be content related and auto generated. That ad pops up some but not all the time. The owner can’t control who advertises through google or their affiliate program.

Since mutts are generally not bred through puppy mills, I don’t think there’s a big risk that LuvMutt is promoting them.

I definitely appreciate your concern, but I think it’s misplaced in this case. You might, instead, let the owners of luvmutt know that one of the ads that google is popping up, may be of questionable repute. They might be able to block those ads. I think the tone of this site is very positive and I feel absolutely confident that I’ve made and appropriate choice in promoting them.


luvmutt would never support puppy mills. in fact, they allow no-kill shelters to feature their adoptable dogs!

panda and thea are total cuties and make awesome luvmutts!

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