Keeping busy


I've been keeping pretty busy, crafty wise. Quite a few hours go to working with the test knitters for the secret Stitch Diva project.

I'm also knitting up a garment for Donna Druchunas' upcoming lace book.


The yarn is Lorna's Laces, Lion and Lamb. Soft and subtly shaded. Who could complain? If you look carefully, you can see some darts in there. I'm hoping this piece comes out as well as I'm envisioning it. And yes, I realize there is no actual lace yet, but it's coming, I assure you.

I have also sneaked in a few rounds in my knit/crochet skirt. I'm trying to be good and focusing most of my energy on my deadline stuff, but I keep this handy for mindless knitting.


Here's a closeup of the knitted portion.


Between bouts of knitting and pattern editing, I'm spinning up more of the yarn for this skirt. So far, this is just enough variety to keep me interested.


Knitting a garment out of L&L? I envy you. I loved knitting my (actually my DSIL's) Clapotis in that yarn. So divine.

You certainly are keeping busy on the fiber front! I still adore that you find it hard to go between so many projects? Sometimes I find that when I've left a project and come back to it a day or two later I start to doubt myself on the design!

The yarn you spun for the skirt is so yummy...I'm just in love with that project and can't wait to see how it comes out! :)

Can't wait to see both secret projects in print :-)

Your knit/crochet hybrid skirt looks so pretty so far! I like subtle color changes in the yarn and how it intertwines throughout the pattern. And uh, way to spark our interest in the lace piece!

Someone has been very bust! They look quite lovely! Can not wait to see what you've been designing :)

That skirt is almost enough to push me over to picking up a crochet hook again! So pretty. (If only I could crochet... I always seem to end up with a lump of yarn.)

Is that post date right? Everyone must be off their computers! The motif skirt is beautiful. It's such a great project.

Very cool! I can't wait to see the finished skirt.

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