Hey, how about some knitting and crocheting?


I've been posting a lot of dog photos lately, mostly because I can't post much else, but look. I have crafting!


Remember those motifs I crocheted? I have been playing around with how to use them. I knew I didn't have enough of the motif yarn to make a whole garment, but I realized that the September Glow Cotswold and Silk yarn I spun, would look nice with the muted peach color of the motifs.

I think I want to make this into a skirt. I have quite a bit more of the Cotswold, that I can spin. I've played around with knitting and crocheting the skirt portion. Right now, the motifs are joined in such a way that they make a natural chevron, which is great for this subtly variegated yarn. I tried crocheting the skirt, but I wanted it to be a little softer and drapier, so I switched to knit instead.

It's actually really hard for me to post a this point, because I'm not totally sure I love it and I might very well rip the whole darn thing out if I'm not satisfied with the results, still, so far, it looks good enough that I feel I can share.

And aren't I doing well, not a doggy in sight.


Urm, well, yes, Thea did sneak her paw into that shot. You can see her little goth pinkie nail. But we aren't looking at puppies in this post, we're looking at handspun yarn working up into a skirt.


*Sigh* I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. I mean, come on, that's funny, people. Even if you hate dogs. Plus, I think the color really brings out the pathetic expression plastered on Panda's face. Don't you agree?


That crochet looks awesome and I love the colour of the yarn. I envy your many many talents Marnie...(including cute pet pictures)!

She's not pathetic -- she just thinks that crochet is so darned HEAVY! :D

The skirt looks very promising and oh so pretty.

Sneaky dogs--they apparently LIKE being models!

Panda is always a welcome addition to a post and Thea too...they just always make me smile. I love what you are doing with those motifs! :)

I've never been a big crochet fan but those motifs look fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished project.
First pic of Thea where she not only looks innocent but is.....innocent of any mischief. Panda of course is a saint !!!

yay crochet! what is with these animals always getting into the photos!? big hams!

With all those dog pictures, you're just skirting the real issue, Marnie: how we too can be knitting/crocheting/spinning rock stars.

Looks nice - must post finished object please :)

I _like_ all photos of Panda & Thea. I have a rescued border collie myself and if he doesn't sneak himself into my Ravelry photos, I put him there. :)

That picture is too cute, but you like to live dangerously, or maybe Panda is really uninterested in yarn. If I were to do that with one of my cats, I would have no knitting (or crocheting) left to show. :D

Your motifs will be lovely in a skirt! I adore the doggie pictures -- keep them coming!

I always love how your doggies sneak into your pictures, they look like two very sweet pups. Your motifs are very pretty. Hope you figure out something to use them with that you like.

I am a HUGE fan of combo projects. The motifs rock!

I love your doggie pictures. They always make me laugh. They have so much personality!

Oh my, that's so purty!

Love the crochet on doggie pic. So darn cute.

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