A sort of anniversary


A year ago today, Julia and I were in the redwoods on our way from LA to Portland, Oregon.
I had just spent a month away from Panda and Leo, who'd moved up to Portland to start his new job.

After a couple weeks at Julia's house, and much planning we hit the road for our scenic and spinny adventure. There is no event quite like a road trip to get one past the "close acquaintance" stage right to friend. It's hard not to bust out laughing as we regale ourselves and anyone else who will listen, with stories from our adventures.

I'll forever hold a warm space in my heart for the Ravenwood, even though there was no running water when we awoke.

And I still remember the gorgeous fog over the ocean, surrounded by redwoods. Who wouldn't bust out into full dorkatude?

We nearly skipped Crater Lake, after some set backs and delays, but we made it and it's as breathtaking as everyone says it is.

And best of all, I have been able to live in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I love it up here, though I miss all my friends in LA. Julia makes for a great road trip companion and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I've been doing a bit more than my usual reading and all of it has been good, so I thought I'd share my recommendations.

On the nightstand

fsm.jpg guardsguards.jpg

Actually, that's not the current cover for SI. The current one covers AIDS deniers. The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a real hoot and sure to offend almost anyone. I'm glad to call myself a Pastafarian, rAmen! Guards Guards is currently my top reading to keep me from reading too much of what I'm...



Need I say more? I don't want it to end.

Recently finished

sciencegoodevil.jpg middlesex.jpg skeptic.jpg

I really love Michael Shermer's books and articles and The Science of Good and Evil is no exception. He's also the publisher of Skeptic, to which I subscribe.
My mother lent me Middlesex and it was indeed funny, touching, thoughtful and moving. I generally shy away from books that are highly publicized and I'm not a fan of all of Oprah's suggestions, (yes, I'm one of those wet blankets who isn't into the whole The Secret phenomenon.*) but this book is definitely worth a read.

* That is, I don't believe in a magical force that brings luck and money to people who really want it.
However there is evidence to suggest that people who believe they are lucky are more likely to do things like enter drawings and raffles or build their social and business network which can result in more fortunate outcomes.


wow you *have* been doing a lot of reading! i'm with you on The Secret.

btw, that Ravenwood pic is awesome! the lighthouse with the fog in the background -- very cool.

Wow, you must be a superwoman !
How did you find time doing all that, ie play with Panda and Thea, meet up with Julia, knit, photograph, draw and knit ! I have to tell Mum about it.

I love road trips with good friends too! Fun to see what you're reading....I also haven't read the last HP ...are we the only two left?

What a magical day! I love the fogged in pics! :)

Wow, that was a year ago? So crazy!

I don't read much current popular fiction (or non-fiction, for that matter), but I loves me some Terry Pratchett. If you haven't read the Tiffany Aching series (The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, and Wintersmith), READ them. I love almost every word that Pratchett has ever written, but these 3 books are special.

There are some interesting FSM patterns out there. Here's one:

I thought I remembered seeing a sweater a while back, but can't find it now.

Ah, but remember, Middlesex was around a LONG time before Oprah made everyone aware of it. If you liked that, and haven't already read The virgin Suicides, I highly recommend that one.


I've been long awaiting #31 in that discworld series...I began my adventure with him back when I was 14...my oh my...

Happy reading adventure

I love Oregon. I'm from Washington but I don't feel any WA v. OR rivalry. I think Wasington and Oregon are...soul sisters. My heart will always live in the PNW.

SO homesick.

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