Dogs in repose


It's been hot, and Thea and Panda are shedding hair like they think their comfort depends on it. Wait, I guess it does. Anyway, it's hot, and when it's hot, doggies like to sleep.


I just didn't realize one would want to do it in my sandals.


Thea is a very good sleeper


Panda ponders whether or not I've forgotten how to use the vacuum cleaner.

Yes, I know, it's been a LOT of doggy pictures. Would it help if I told you I'm actually knitting?


It's a project I'm doing for Stitch Diva. It's coming along swimmingly though I've done a lot of ripping to get it to the point where I'm happy with it. Luckily, my time frame for the project makes it possible to get it juuuuust right. I like that.

In other news, I saw Ms. Kat Coyle's gorgeous Lace Style skirt on Knitty Gritty, yesterday.


It's so sad that it's styled better on KG than it was in the actual book. Oh how I pine for that skirt.


A knitted skirt is my new knitting goal. I've cast on four (yes, four) times for different skirts and had crappy luck! My latest venture is the one from Knitting Lingerie Style (which I bought,by the way, after reading your review, and it's SO awesome) and I've got my fingers crossed.

You can never post too many picture of Panda and Thea. I heart them both!

Aw, sweet doggy pictures!

Awww, that is sooo sweet. We used to have a red Doberman, and when we weren't home, she used to take any socks and dirty shirts that would be on the floor and very gently bring them with her onto her doggie bed to keep her company! It was kind of gross, but so precious :)

oooh, great tantalizing peek at your design project for Stitch Diva. I can't wait to see what you're making for them.

Re: knitted skirts. I have looked longingly at Kat Coyle's skirts (they're really beautiful), but remained dubious about the wisdom of something knitted going across my butt ;) Still, I can admire from afar!

Hehee... Wiggley sheds lots of hair during winter and even lots more during Summer ! Got Mum wondering if she could use some of our fur to spin yarn... yes, I'll go ponder about that one and do some research for Mum. Read on someone's Blog that a knitter managed to spin a yarn with her white labrodor's fur ! Can't wait till you finished the lacey skirt !

What a face. The vacuum cleaner is scary. (well, that's our excuse for hairy floors right now anyway).

Eek! I didn't know the skirt was on teevee. How exciting! Thanks for keeping me in the know....:)

There can never be too many doggie pictures! They are adorable!

I can sympathize with the's stinking hot right now (our car temp/monitor thing clocked 117 degrees the other day...we are in central valley California)...being of scottish red-headed heritage I'm finding it hard to adjust the dogs I fond myself flaking out!

Love Kat's skirt too (all of them)....knitted skirts are cool and flattering if I do say so myself!

You can't have too many dog photos for me...another Diva project--I can't wait to see it....

Thanks for the peek at the upcoming Stitch Diva project! Jennifer has paired me up with you to be your stunt knitter, so I'm very excited to see the finished product! Good luck!

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