She works hard for the yummies


The heat eased off for the weekend and we put the great weather to good use. On Saturday, Leo lit up the barbecue and cooked us a delicious meal. The girls watched on as we filled our bellies.


Afterwards, we cut up a few little scraps and did some training with them. Panda shows her well honed skills by balancing a piece of meat on her nose until Leo gave her the OK to eat it.


Thea didn't have much interest in doing that trick.


We had her work on some easier things after that.

Then we moved to some chores. I took the kitchen while Leo started the lawn mowing. After a few minutes, Leo said he needed some assistance and I met him outside to see him hosing off his bloodied-OHMYGODWHATHAPPENED-leg. While mowing, the lawnmower kicked up a spring that had been buried in the ground, honed it to a fine point and hurled it at his leg. He was wearing pants, which appear to have more tensile strength than his flesh as the pants are unmarred but he got himself a pretty fine little hole that bled like the dickens. He's fine and will be seeing the doctor tomorrow to be sure. Still, all that blood. Even if you think you want to see how it looked, you probably shouldn't click this. If you did, though, you can see the offending object as well.

But Leo is never one to let an oozing wound stop him from having a good time. Today, we made our way over to Manzanita Beach, but before we hit the ocean, we stopped into our favorite breakfast locale for some Eggs Benedict. Actually, we split one order of Eggs Bennie and one of Crab Cakes Benedict which is just like Benny but with a crab cake swapped out for the ham.


Oh mama!

The girls did really wonderfully at the beach and are playing together more and more.


Panda made some great catches and Thea was her normal social and adorable self. You can click any of these pictures to go to my flickr page and see all the other shots.


Alas, condolences are in order. The poor faithful squirrel was lost at sea today. We all bowed our heads in respect before moving on, since, well, we have 2 more at home. I just hope that some lucky dog ends up getting it when it eventually washes ashore.

Goodbye Squirrel


Um, I think it's 100% necessary for me to have crab cakes now.

Also I need a beach...just like that. Your lovely puppies look like they had a blast! :)

Oh wow, looks like tetanus shot time for Leo! Yikes -- that's scary.

Luckily, I'm sure you had consoling dogs to make things better.

Poor Leo...hope he heals up soon. The girls look like they are having a blast at the beach...and that crab cakes benedict looks so yummy I think we'll have to work it into this weeks' menu. :)

Oh, all these puppy pics- you DO know how to keep my spirits up! Scary about Leo's encounter with the lawnmower- I'm glad he's okay! And the crab cakes benedict- I want you to know my tummy is literally growling as we speak!

OMG, leg ow!

I, too, am a huge fan of the Benedicts.

RIP, Flying Squirrel.

Such a cute post. I love the photo of Panda waiting for the go ahead to grab that meat!

Aww, poor squirrel. The worst thing Chappy has to worry about for his (because he has two, also, both of which he loves) is that they'll fly over the fence and he'll have to wait while Mom goes to fetch it . . . We haven't permanently lost one yet!

mmm... the benedict looks really yummy - where did you go? Since moving to Oregon, I haven't found a breakfast place good enough to get out of bed for. But crab cake benedict definitely sounds like a worthy eye-opener.

Wow, poor Leo! I hope he was able to keep the saltwater out of it on Sunday. And crab cakes bendict? That sounds so good, I may have to try and make that this weekend my my sweetie!

That first picture with Thea's head on Panda is absolutely adorable. Obviously they are getting on quite well.

I do hope Leo get's a tetanus shot if he hasn't had one in the last 10 (or is it 5?) years.

I think what I like the best about this - apart from your adorable girls and a delectable looking breakfast - is the image of Leo bleeding all over the place, and you having the inspiration to take a picture for your blog...

sorry about the squirrel... so sad to lose someone like that...

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