Chapeau Marnier


The new Knitty is up and I have a pattern there.

There was some confusion about whether the dark version of the hat would run in Knitty Spin or the green version would run in regular Knitty and the short version of the story is that both hats are pictured which is great, but that I flubbed and did the ribbon loops differently on each. So the instructions on Knitty are for the dark hat's loops and you can get the green hat's loops chart here. As always, feel free to press that little "contact" button up top if you need any help or clarification.

In other news, I went to the Maine Fiber Frolic, this weekend and had a great time. See some fun pics from my stay in Boston and visit to the Frolic, here. What, you need more motivation than that to look at my pictures? How's this for temptation?


I leave to go back home, early tomorrow morning and while it's been wonderful to see my family and friends (so so great, really) I will glad, indeed, to see my little girls and Leo again.


Congrats on the new Knitty pattern. Very cute!

Yay! I love the Chapeau Marnier! I've been under a rock (and may well stay under there for a few months), but wanted to re-surface to say congrats and hi. It's a fabby design.

Congratulations! Your hat is my favorite pattern in this issue by far. It's lovely.

I was so happy to see this in Knitty! I've said it before and I'll say it again- I LOVE these! Congrats!

i love the hat(s)! they are so cute and lots of fun. now i want a fringed dress to go with them! hmm, let's see what we can do about that...

congrats on your pattern(s) getting into knitty!

Marnie--So very 1920s and so pretty...

Congratulations on the Knitty pattern! I really like them both!

the hat is darling. i wonder if you could fake it without the ribbon? (i'm not THAT girly of a girl, lol)

Congrats on your pattern! I love it and it's a great use of handspun!

How cute! I love the parasol lace stitchy border and bow.

Love this pattern... it was my favorite in the issue! Can't wait to get my hands on some solid Lorna's Laces to knit this hat! :-D

Woohoo congrats, you are famous! :) Lovely hat pattern.

Great work of art, Marnie, love all your hats, this one has simplstic sweet written all over it!

marnie, that hat is delightful, it makes me think of flappers and girlyness and knitting, ahh, knitting. can't wait to check out knitty, congrats on another great pattern.

the hat is really cute--nice use for a single skein of sock yarn too!

The chapeau is too cute - definitely my favorite Knitty pattern this season! I may even be able to suck it up and finally knit some of my handspun.

Great pictures from Maine,thanks for sharing!

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