I've never been so happy to see so much dog hair


I'm beyond exhausted. Yesterday started with my getting up at 1:30AM pacific time and I didn't go to bed until nearly 11PM, but I'm happy and tired and with my sweet pups, and tired and exhausted and tired and in sorry need of some unpacking and a shower and tired. I seriously thought I might log in for a full day of work today but to paraphrase Zapp Brannigan, the spirit is willing but the brain is spongy and bruised. I may still pop in for a few hours, just to catch up, but I'm not making any promises.

Little Thea is getting so big. A week away from a puppy is a jarring (though rather relaxing) thing. I'll post pictures when I can get some good light.


I did acquire a few things on my trip and did a bit of hand spinning. I mentioned before that my spindle hooks had gone a little wonky. The kind folks at Golding, were happy to realign them but needed to hold onto the spindles for a couple days to do so. Feeling a decided void in my bag, I decided to peruse their new selection. While there are some amazing new designs, I know I like my spindles between 0.5 and 1 ounce, so I picked up a gorgeous 0.9 ounce, purple heart Le Fleur.

Additionally, my mom treated me to some magnificent Schacht carders so that I could attend an intro class on carding fibers. The class was taught by Debbie Bergman of Purple Fleece and was wonderful. I want to card all my fibers forever and always, into punis.

And with my spindle and my carders, I needed a bit of fibers. I just knew I had to get me some of Amy's lovely BFL batts. Mine is in rich shades of burgundy and brown with a creamy peach color. I would never, in a thousand years, think to combine those colors but they come together beautifully and the touch of shimmer makes it so decadent. I'm not usually gaga for BFL but these batts are a delight.

Here it is being spun up and basking in some Maine sunshine.


And here is a closeup of the final two-ply skein.


I got a few other goodies but I haven't had a chance to photograph them.

While I miss all the great people I got to catch up with back east, I'm so very glad to have spent a night in my own comfie bed.


Ooooh carders. I had a little intro to carding at the place where I bought my wheel. It was much fun, and I think it could be really useful for blending fibers if a colorway isn't quite what you want it to be.

The spindle is lovely, too. I did a quick run of spindling the other day, but I need to do more, and the poor Rose is languishing from lack of use. Sigh.

Wish I had been there. Your weekend sounds lovley. Though tiring. :)

Thats funny. I just got got some Schacht 112 carders this Saturday at the Iowa sheep and wool festival. After I go through my build up of fiber from my fiber prep class, I'm going to see what I can do with Husky undercoat.
The best part about carding is that you can get unprocessed wool and fleeces for much cheaper prices and then dye in the colors you want! Also, now I have an excuse to get a llama.

Ah- welcome back! I'm sure all of your housemates are glad to have you back home. Look at all your goodies!

Gorgeous yarn! I wouldn't have thought to put those colors together either, but they look very nice.
Beware of Brannigan's law because it's like Brannigan's love;)

Welcome home! Let us know how you like the Schacht carders.
BTS - very cute hat pattern in Knitty :-)

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