A few little cuties


These are actually now hanging to dry, but while I had some defused sunlight today, I thought I'd snap some photos of my little skeins of handspun.

Firstly, off the Spindolyn, about 24 yards of Fudge Brownie 2-ply. The roving was from Nistock Farms. I'd say this is my most successful and longest skein off the Spindolyn so far. I am going to keep trying to get better with it. I really strive to have at least 50 yards of plied yarn off a single cop. Maybe that's just silliness, but I think it's enough yarn to actually feel like I can start to knit with it.
The fibers were spun quite fine but there's tons of loft in this stuff so it looks like a worsted weight. I suspect that after washing and drying, it will lose a touch of that loft. I'm estimating it around 18 WPI. My spinning is a little irregular so it definitely won't be mistaken for store bought, but it's really soft and the color is impressively rich.

Off my trusty 0.6 ounce Golding, just under 60 yards of 2 ply. This yarn is fairly consistent with a few "designer" moments throughout. She is about 24 WPIs.

A little closer, if you like.

While I was shooting these photos, Ms. Thea was giving me this look.
Nope, she's not growing into her ears, but I still think she's gorgeous.


Clearly, Thea thinks you should be paying attention to her, ha! And scritching those ears! SO CUTE!

I love the shades of color in that yarn - it looks beautiful.

Ilove those ears! When I was a wee one, we had a husky who had one ear up and one down. He never grew out of it, and it was so silly and cute. She's adorable! (And the spinning is lovely too, of course.)

Do you ever get the feeling they think that we're weird? Sometimes I get that look from my dog when I'm winding yarn and I feel like he's watching me intently so he can tell all his doggy friends how weird his human is.

Nor is she yet growing into her paws. Look at those knuckles! I love the dogginess of this blog!

steph's jack russell terrier does the same thing with her ears, except not straight up. it's so cute! and on little dogs like her, it's comical, too!

You're making me want to spin! Don't worry about Thea, Dakota still doesn't seem to have grown into his ears, so it's all good. Yay for big ol' pointy pup ears!

Ahhh, what nice skeins. True encouragement for a newbie spinner. Gotta love those perky ears!

Wow. I go away for a while (personal crises - end of 7 year relationship), I come back, and you have another dog! How exciting! You are crazy! My folks always say that 2 are more than double the trouble of one.

I'm sure Ms. Panda will warm up to the little one once she (Thea) learns some manners.. ;)

Of course, Thea means Goddess, you know...

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