Water a-fallin'


Leo, Panda and I went on an amazing hike and beautiful drive, this past Saturday. Our original intention was to go to Mt Hood and enjoy its splendor, but we got sidetracked and by sidetracked I mean that Leo didn't believe the maps, GPS, or various signs on the road, that Mt Hood was that-a-way, not this-a-way. But who cares, where we ended was more beautiful than I could have hoped.

It was rainy and cloudy, but hardly a drop fell while we hiked and no one, not even Miss Pukey Pants herself, got sick in the car. In my book, that's a winner of a day, all around.

Want to see a bunch of the pictures (not all, I took nearly 200)? If so, just clicky right here.


Only page 2 shows up on my computer, but they are pretty!

Breathtakingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

You take the most beautiful photographs! All that green is stunning... I'm so ready for spring here. :(

It's hard to believe a place like that exists in real life! It looks like some kind of jungle fantasy land :)

Ohmygosh that is so beautiful!! I'm just going to click through your photos and pretend I'm there instead of in cold sleety Boston...

lovely! mind if i ask more specifically where you were? i'll be in portland for vacation next month and this looks like the kind of day-trip hiking my friends and i really want to do. cheers!

Breathtaking pictures. I bet the pictures don't do any justice, I can only imagine what it really looks like in person. You gotta give Leo some props. =) Hi Leo

Sometimes finding a place by mistake is even nicer. I am sure that Mount Hood would have been much more crowded. Beautiful photos

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