I'm back!


Well, I just mailed off my top secret project, with all its fixin's to it's rightful owner. I'll miss that beautiful plum color Calmer but not as much as I've missed being able to talk crafty on my blog. While stories of Panda and hikes and tea and eating are all fun, it's yarny goodness upon which this blog is built.

So adios pretty plum calmer and, long time no see, Lily!

I've only had time to cast on and work a few rows of the second sleeve and it's amazing how hard it's been to get back into the swing of it.

Truth be told, I'm the sort of person who would likely have abandoned this with such a long hiatus. I know that's crazy, but when I lose momentum on something, it's almost never that I pick it back up again. It's good for me to push myself to finish these projects so they don't languish and end up ripped, or worse, donated to charity in their half knit form.

I have a couple other projects I'll probably be working on this year; projects that cannot be blogged right away but which I'm pretty excited about. But I also have big plans (bigger than any warping of the space time continuum can accommodate) that should all be bloggable.


such a tease! i'm the same way with projects. i have to work on something straight through or there is great danger of it never getting done.

You are a total tease! Look at it, peeking so coyly out her little bag. Naughty little handknit.

Can't wait!!

The suspense is killing me! I can't wait to see... the photos are so enticing! :)

Welcome back, Lily! I'm the same way with projects I put down. In fact, there's a shawl I need to pick up again- that may be the one sidetracked project that actually gets finished...eventually!

Big plans! Sounds very promising. I think you owe me another e-mail.

I hear you on re-gaining momentum. I need to do that with Mishka, as soon as I get a few other things (the Man Hood!) completely off the needles. I do have to say, though, that I am never unhappy to have slogged through once its all said and done. Go Lily!

I have several projects that will never be completed. When I see them I just cringe. I would like to rip them out, but probably not going to happen.
I went to the web site of Tribute Tea (the place I saw tea flowers and they don't show them anymore-darn)..I tried.
Will we ever see your top secret project?

Marnie, I saw you this morning on Kitty Gritty. How lovely to put a voice to your pretty person! And I learned something new from you today: how to knit in the round "flat" with only 2 needles. What a great trick. Thanks for that.

Marnie, I saw you this morning on Knitty Gritty. How lovely to put a voice to your pretty person! And I learned something new from you today: how to knit in the round "flat" using two needles. Very clever. Thanks for that.

That's it. The momentum is one the most important elements in a knit. Have fun with the stealth knitting!

Ugh, I know what you mean about abandoning projects once you stop them. For me, it's because I've forgotten where I am in the pattern, or what I did for one piece. I can't tell you how many UFOs I have out there. And seeing them makes me feel so guilty!

Great job you did on Knitty Gritty! I saved it on my Tivo so that I can refer to it when I revisit glove fingers - the first time I had no visual help and it didn't go well :{
One question, where did you get your top? I loved it!

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