The future is now - and it kind of sucks


This Sunday, I flew down to Los Angeles for work. Apparently, Sunday, at about the same time, another plane landed as well. Oh boy, 500 extra passengers, what could possibly go wrong?

There are words, some more family friendly than others, to describe the baggage claim area at LAX. Most carousels were collecting baggage from 4 or more flights at any time. This is a pic of carousel 1 which was at one end of the this terminal. My fellow passengers and I got our cardio workout walking between this and carousel 4, at the other end of the terminal. Every few minutes, someone would announce, over the intercom, the new expected location of our luggage. I found myself surprisingly unfazed by the whole thing. I flew in a full 14 hours before I needed to be at work and there simply wasn't anything to be done about the situation. Plus, who among us couldn't do with a bit more exercise? Others, though, did not seem to be so zen about it.

All of this is just to say that blogging shall be sparse this week, while I work, which is just as well since I will have very little knitting time until Friday. I did manage to bring my Portland weather to LA, though. Sorry to all my So Cal neighbors, though I have to say, I kind of like it.


Oh god, the LAX baggage claim is a hectic jumble on a good day - I think taking a zen attitude is the best way to handle such a thing, especially with all those extra people. Though I have to ask, did you get to see the new A380? As an engineer, I'm so excited by the concept... come on, double-decker planes! With 2 full decks! So cool!

thank you for the weather! it was too hot last week. see you soon.

Ack! Just the thought of LAX baggage claim gives me the beebie jeebies. But this clogged up mess looks worse than usual! Glad you made it out alive!

I'm near Seattle so I know what you mean about getting to like the weather.

I just noticed the little Panda icon on my RSS Feed in Firefox, so cute!

Long time lurker, first time commenter.

I am so glad that I flew into Burbank yesterday morning. Burbank rocks!

Can't wait to see you - good luck this week!

That's one plane on which I would definitely avoid checking my luggage.

I'm sorry that LAX was cruel to you! From my limited experience, LAX has a much quicker baggage claim system than John Wayne (SNA).

btw, I think that the airbus that landed in LAX only had 22 people on it, while the one at JFK had 500.

Unlurking to thank you for your tutorial on balanced ply on a spindle. I read this today and went up and tried it. It worked great. Now if I could become a little more consistent. Thanks again for sharing your spinning knowledge.

Sorry that LAX was such an ordeal.

I know ---what the heck are they thinking 800 passengers. Not me, count me out-I am not flying on a 800 passenger plane. Go Burbank---
I am sorry I am not going to make the pizza PARTY on Friday night, but I am sick and I have to work all day at the shop and I know I will be really exhausted, plus I don't want to pass this flu like thing on. Have some fun for me--O.K.?

At least the baggage claim didn't faze you. I just got back from a trip yesterday, and our flight's baggage got delivered to two different carousels, too. AND there were "technical difficulties" (the ground crew couldn't get the airplane's baggage doors open!). Hope work is going well in L.A. Travel back safely!

Why fight it? Have fun and hope you get to slip into a nice yarn shop!

Thank you! I wondered where the great weather came from--I have been hating the early heat wave and dreading the summer even more than usual. LAX is so much better than Burbank! Ontario's the best, though, at least till more people find out about it.

Thanks for reminding me why I love San Diego's airport: it's small, baggage claim is easy, parking's pretty easy, and it's truly right downtown. Two extra hours of driving to LA, but maybe one of the other regional airports?

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