Home sweet home


In my last post I mentioned that Panda needed to go in for surgery today for a cleaning and maybe some extractions. Well, we're back and Panda did great. I brought her in first thing, for her dental surgery. She was done in an hour, no extractions required.
Once Panda was awake, they let me see her and said she'd need another hour or so before she could go home.
A friend of mine was kind enough to take me out to breakfast while Panda woke up and now we're home.

She's one groggy girl.

But I can tell she's glad to be back.

I'm still a bag of nerves, but I'm so glad that everything went smoothly and she still has all her teeth. Yay!


So glad that she's doing well!

Of course she did well. Pets are always so glad to go home after the vets. Make sure only soft foods tonight :) Even though she did not have any extractions, the gums will still be sore from the cleaning. Spoil her, as I'm sure you already do :) Scrambled Eggs are a great treat after dentistry's :)

Yay for sweet Panda back home safe and sound!

Yay, Panda! What a good girl!

awwww. sounds like a day for lots of hugs.

I'm so glad to hear she's doing fine. Is the purple bracelet her i.d. tag?

Poor widdle Panda. On the other hand, they are pretty funny when they're dopey from the anesthetic.

I've been waiting to see your post-dental post - but I knew that things would be just fine. Nothing like nice clean TEETH.

Can you convince her to let you brush them? I use a poultry-flavored toothpaste for Blossom, and she *loves* to chew on the toothbrush. I must do it more often, to avoid the expense and wear-and-tear on both of us...

I'm glad everything went smoothly, I hate leaving my pups at the vet.

Glad all is well with Panda now!

Awww... although she might not undestand what happened, I'm sure she knows you still love her.


Awww... although she might not undestand what happened, I'm sure she knows you still love her.


Yay, I'm so glad everything went well! What a sweet girl she is in those pictures.

So glad to hear she's home with all her teeth!!!

Awe! I'm glad to see she did well with the anesthesia. I used to be a vet tech so trust me that it's better you got it done sooner rather than later!
And, of course, Panda is so cute, even groggy!!

Hmm, I think that bandage they used where her IV was is the same stuff that my endocrinologist uses... lol! Glad she's doing okay!

You're a good mom:)

Oh, thank goodness! I hate putting them under and I was a wrack when Townes had his teeth cleaned. I'm so glad that extractions were not necessary. Are there certain bones we should avoid giving our pups? Z is an aggressive chewer, too. We don't want any cracked teeth over at Chez MOW, either.

Ohhh--I can just tell by her eyes-she is so relieved and happy to be home and a little tired and relieved as well--I just love her.

Look at how cute she is all sleepy-like. I'm glad all went well.

I was at the pet store the other day and saw a Flying Sqirrel toy and immediately thought of her.

Oh yay, I'm glad she didn't require extractions! Still, the anesthesia is freaky, isn't it? They come back so woosey. :p Well, I hope Miss P is all better by now!

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