We interupt this regularly scheduled lunch break to bring you...WEATHER


How can you tell the recent transplant from LA to Oregon? She's the one, in her jammies, taking picture of precipitation. It's ridiculous, really, I grew up with this stuff but after 6 years of eternal sunshine, there is something a bit novel about it.

First thing this morning, Leo scraped the frozen snowy slush off his windshield, while Panda and I watched from the front window, remaining toasty and warm.

But it was NOTHING compared to the 30 minutes of frozen rainy, hail stuff that we just got.

Panda is annoyed that I'm asking her to sit for this picture when she could be romping and smelling said rain.

It looks like it would hurt, but it's really like little fluffy snowballs; very light and quick to melt.

And as soon as it started, it was done. The sun is beaming now and most of what came down has melted away.
This is winter I can live with.


Yeah, winter in Portland is mostly just a lot of wind. Winter on the coast is definitey harder.

Reminds me a little of weather we had long years ago when I was in grad school in Athens, GA. One year we had about 4 inches of little balls of ice like that. People were skiing in the streets. It was amazing, and was the only time I've ever seen weather like that.

It lasted about a day and a half. :)

At least you are having a winter this year. And don't worry will forgive you.

That is why I love living here. A little bit of weather and drama and then it goes back to being really mild and nice.

At around 10am here in Hillsboro we got giant snowflakes and it really dumped on us. Then, by 11am it was gone and the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Perfect for a little work break.

i'd be intrigued by those little balls of snow too....in my lifetime (from what i can remember) i've heard of hail on my island in hawaii twice, once about 5 miles from me a few years back....panda's such a patient sweetie!

Yeah, I don't know if I could deal with scraping off my car in the morning. I'd be right there with you- inside the house! Speaking of nutty weather, we just had another round of Santa Anas yesterday- it felt like summer! Of course, today cooled down some, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. What the heck?

So um, up North a couple hours in Seattle? It got crazy about 4 PM, just in time for me to stand out in the middle of Downtown waiting for the bus. Then it got crazy blizzardy...now it's um, yeah, done...We'll have to see how much wicked ice there'll be on the streets tomorrow morning.

Ick...that looks like what we are supposed to be getting...can't you keep it away from here, please?

Oooh, I bet those paws didn't stay so shiny-white for long! Here in the UK, we have high winds and some vicious rainfall, but still no signs of the frozen stuff...

It kinda looks cute. Nice that it's different from the usual, then leaves fast!

Yikes on the rain and hail.

Despite all of that though, Panda looks gorgeous as usual. :) :) :) :)

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