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I have finished the hat and gloves I've been knitting from my handspun, and they have already helped me keep out the chill as I did my errands today.

I'm hoping to finish up writing the pattern by the end of the weekend. It'll be available for free, and will contain suggestions for using different weight yarn.

As a side note, I wanted to show you how great store bought variegated yarns can look in slip stitch patterns. If you like the pattern but don't spin your own yarn, or prefer not to spin such fine gauge yarns, you can definitely substitute any variegated sock yarn.

Obviously, the stitch pattern is a little different but the effect is the same. The yarn is Socks That Rock in colorway, Carbon. If you'll notice, there is some definite flashing going on but the slip stitch sort of breaks that up.

Oh and here's hoping a few of you out there got to see Miss Panda on TV today. She was a natural, I tell you.


I love that pattern! You are a talented woman :)

Yay for Panda! Pity we don't get the DIY network . . . The gloves are great, too.

that is downright lovely! i may have to keep your pattern in mind. knucks is giving me fits, fer sure! (granted, my yarn is a heavier gauge than sockweight, lol)

and i have to pay extra to get DIY, sigh. i'm waiting for it to hit hgtv.

Beautiful design work!

Oh I can't wait for that pattern! And that's something I haven't said in a while, either. I really like the slip stitch pattern though. :-D Nice work!

Yes, I DID see you & Panda on tv today! Good job :-)

I am very excited about this new free pattern. I love those gloves and your yarn color is fantastic! I totally missed Panda on the tube, I had to work. I only get to see Knitty Gritty on Tues. and Thurs. I bet she was awesome, as usual, though.

The mitts look great in handspun. I need to start knitting with mine. I'm just having so much fun 'making' yarn that I don't take time to knit.

Saw your puppy on Knitty Gritty.

That's a great way to use striping/varigated yarn. The stitch pattern breaks up the lines, but doesn't obscure it.

Now I'm depressed. I missed it! I'm just gonna have to pull up KG's schedule. Ah, they referred to Panda as he. I saw you on KG before, but I missed this one...drats.

Oh, I love those gloves. I can't wait for the pattern... I've a couple of skeins of Lorna's Laces that are begging to be made into gloves!! Thank you!

Fabulous gloves, they shall definitely be on my needles!Thanks in advance for the pattern!

I did see Ms. Panda. She looked wonderful! Although it was a little odd to see her modeling actual doggie wear, rather than people knits. Love the hat as well. Beautiful work, as always.

I love those gloves--I can't wait to see the pattern! I think I have the perfect yarn for it!

Panda was the highlight of the show, as expected. What a cutie.

How handy, I have the exact same STR colorway. If I knit the hat I'll probably use handspun though. I don't have anything knit from my handspun yet. I keep giving it away! Thanks for posting the pattern.

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