New Toy


Leo Claus had some elves delivery me a gift today.
I'm so excited I could plotz!
In LA, I never had to worry about getting enough sunlight, but even so, there were many winter weeks when I didn't see a scrap of daylight and would have found much benefit in this toy. Now that I live in Portland, I can't count on bright sunshine every day, and even when I do get it, it can still be a challenge to get a great picture.

Take this picture for example. The color is warm and inviting, but that's really not the color of the yarn. And even though I have some pretty good natural light, it's shining a little harshly, causing blown out highlights and indistinct shadows in my subject matter. Let us not even discuss the blurriness.

Now check out the same fiber, all glammed up in my mini-photo studio.

Go ahead, click and see the detail!

My camera tends to add a redish cast to most images, so I still needed to touch it up a little, but the raw image has so much more information, now that I have a little tripod and good, diffused lighting.

In my next post, I'll answer the question: "What does a secular Jew give a godless heathen for a Winter Solstice present?"


Wow! That's some beautiful spinning & photo work!

Ooooo, I need that little photo studio for me! Can you give details? Cost, Where did you get it, etc? I totally need something like that. It really made the color stand out! I have that same problem.

We are off to Vancouver B.C. for Christmas (The Man is from there) so I'll chat with you later!

P.S. GREAT little vid of Panda and the little mouse...

I forgot to say that your spinning is SO very even and smooth. I really need to practice. I tend to spin worsted (once they are plyed together) Any tips?

Gotta run!

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