Some Figgy Pudding


My friend, Janet, sent me several lovely gifts this year, to celebrate the Winter Solstice and all the adjacent holidays.

Amongst the gift was a little something I feel I can only share with you in movie form.
It's a big file so you may need to give it a little time to load.


Click the image above to see the QuickTime movie, turn up your volume, and make sure to stick around for the blooper reel.

And as a last note before the weekend; whatever it is you might be or not be celebrating, I hope it's filled with happiness, health, and people you love.


That is CLASSIC LOVE it !

Happy Holidays :)

*LMAO* OMG! That's was PERFECT!

more panda movies! we want more panda movies!

aww how cute. when the camera was off did panda finish off the musical toy? Happy holidays!

Awwww, she's so sweet, she wants the toy to love and hug and nibble on. That is the same exact move Dot does with certain stuffed animals. Determined, but polite. Just reaches in and . . .


Happy Festivus!

OH MY, I LOVE THIS! Very cute! Happy holidays, Marnie, Leo and Panda Girl!

So funny! The blooper reel rocks!

Ah, how cute. Miss Panda wanted to get in on the action, too!

Bouncer came up to see what I was laughing at. Jasper would normally come to a sound like the mouse singing, but he was snuggling with his dad. :)

LOL!! That's too funny. Miss Panda just wanted all the fun of some figgy puddin' in all!

Thanks and Happy Solstice to You, Leo and Panda!

Too cute! Thanks for posting it.

Happy Holidays!

Aw, Miss Panda was trying to be social! Happy New Year!

I love it--especially the blooper reel! Happy holidays to you, too!

So, so funny. Panda was so sweet about taking the little toy!

Happy holidays to you too girlie!

I was wondering in the first half of the movie if the dog was going to abscond with the mousie and oh boy did I laugh when she did!! Thanks for sharing, that was terribly cute.

Happy holidays~!

The blooper reel! HA! Happy Holidays to you and Leo and Miss Panda (now the star of both TV and film)!

Thank you so much for the holiday laugh -- that was perfect! May you and Leo and the lovely Miss Panda have a wonderful holiday!

Now THAT was hilarious! A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thanks so much for the inspiration and great reading.

Now THAT was hilarious! A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thanks so much for the inspiration and great reading.

miss mouse and miss panda are a hit! thank you for a cheerful mini video and mele kalikimaka to you and your family!

That is too cute! I loved the bloopers!

Your work is gorgeous. I live near Portland. will you be associated with a yarn shop? I loved the photos.

Happy New Year,


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