The tide is high but I'm holding on


Well, it was another great weekend for me in Portland. This is probably not what anyone who watches the weather station would guess. We've been getting rains of epic proportions. I'm pretty sure I saw an old guy, two misguided daughters and a bunch of animals on a boat, floating down the street. Actually, I think we've been relatively lucky, our house is on high enough ground that we haven't had any flooding in our general proximity and every day has patches of glorious sunshine. I'm not complaining. And since this is abnormally bad weather, I haven't felt the pang of mover's remorse.

Saturday was dry and lovely and a perfect evening to step out for some Salsa. Thanks to PDX Woman I had the good fortune to find Aztec Willies.

You'll have to excuse the crappy photo, we brought the camera, but no memory card, so this was taken with a camera phone.

I decided to take the lesson to warm myself up, and then dance until Leo is ready to pass out. There was a live band, and the place was absolutely packed. I had a grand time. We finished the evening with some tacos and went to bed so we could wake up early and bring Panda to the beach.

See all the pictures from the beach, after the jump.

Sunday offered none of the sunshine we had on Saturday, and for that matter, that we'll have today. However, we are not going to the beach for ourselves, we're here to give the girl a good run in a place that makes her as happy as she can be. We bundle up in our wet and cold weather clothing and brave the elements. I don't know if you remember our first trip to Cannon Beach, but this trip offered slightly different scenery.

Our first trip, the entrance to the beach looked a little like this.

This is just to the right of the entrance to the beach.

Here's how it looked yesterday

This is about the same spot as above,
but facing forward instead of to the right.

Here's another view.

3 months ago, that funky rock was a quick jaunt across soft sand.

Yesterday, there was a little bit of water in the way.

We were able to walk up along the dry edge, near where the houses are, and get to a good fetch spot.

3 months ago, we were much closer to
those funky rocks in back.

Yesterday, we got close, but the
shore line was much further in.

Don't despair for me. We were well bundled and had a great time. The rain was pretty light and while it was brisk, it wasn't unpleasantly so. Panda, of course, was elated. She was the sleepiest little pup later that night.

After we wore her out, we decided to grab some brunch. Off we drove to the Lumberyard, where we started our meal with some low calories, highly nutritious, chili cheese fries. Yum!

Click me for silliness

Despite being lunch time, the restaurant was pretty empty. This turned out to be fortuitous for the staff because midway through our meal...

...The electricity went out. We already had our very healthy chili cheese fries and the rest of our meal consisted of salads, so we were able to enjoy a full meal.

There was one hitch though.

Mind if I borrow this candle?

I really had to pee.

After braving the dark and packing up our leftovers, we came home and all crashed on the couch.


Sounds like a great weekend.
That first beach/panda picture is beautiful!!

I wonder if I could get Dot to run into the ocean . . .

That last picture of you withthe candle cracks me up. Such an adventurer.

You probably know about Camp 18 (or is it 48?) on the road between Portland and Cannon Beach. Visiting Portland in September (first time; loved it), we stopped there for breakfast on a Sunday. Great experience altogether.

Oh, I am so jealous! Here we are having record heatwaves and I HATE it! I don't know how it is that I live in the city I hate most in the world.

Well keep on having those cool adventures, I'm living vicariously!

I didn't really think that the weather was that bad. If that was unusually bad weather for Portland, then I'm pleasantly surprised. That was hardly anything compared to the way it gets on the coast in the winter!

looks like you got it worse than we did up here in seattle.

good luck with keepin dry :)

It seems to me like it's raining about as much this year as it did last winter which was apparently also more rain than normal. And don't let the coast fool you, when it's horrible in the Valley you can sometimes still find those bright blue skies on the coast. Last November TheBoy and I fled Eugene because of the Civil War football game. The weather was terrible and bitter cold in the valley and in the high 60's with sunshine in Newport. What a difference the mountains make sometimes.

i've been to that beach. if it's what i think it is, that is haystack rock. you can walk out to it every low tide. i was there at high tide, though :(. i've been to oregon twice, and adored it each time. if you get a chance (and some patience, the drive can be a witch) go down to depoe bay. we were there a year and a half ago, and it was gorgeous, even though it rained most of the time we were there.

Hehe, love the last picture! The same thing happened to us once, and my brother who was about 8 at the time had to go to the bathroom too. For some reason the silly boy didn't want to feel for the urinal in the dark ;-)

Oh how I love beach photos- sunny or rainy, it doesn't matter. Panda always looks like she's having SO much fun! Mmm...chili cheese fries... :)

Glad you had a great, I haven't been keeping up and Poof! you are in Portland. I'll have to read back to see the how and why. Congrats on the move :)

Yay I found you! No I am not a stalker, I just remember seeing some of your patterns ages ago, applauding the ethos of them being free. Then I lost you, for about 2 yrs could remember your face, your designs, people kept telling me your name was Grumperina but it was probably the spiral hat thing. My BF changed all hardware and didn't save my faves. Sadly, being unemployed and sick blah blah selling my stuff is the only way to keep me in yarn! However, the patterns I did for the Anticraft have been the most enjoyable things I have done and they don't pay. Anyway, will link to you now I've got u again. Do drop by and see my blog from time to time and keep in touch. I love your dog. We have just lost a border collie and it is hard!

Looks like a great place to live and play! Pretty cool how dramatic a change can occur in a short period of time. Pretty awesome.

Ah.... We're having fun up here too. Most of the county has gotten power restored within a reasonable amount of time. But the flooding has been a blast.

I've always wanted to see that part of the country. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures!

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