Shakin' my bon-bon


Last night, Leo and I met up with a local group who tries different restaurants in Portland, every two weeks. This time, we went to Eleni's Philoxenia a Greek WONDERLAND of food yumminess. Great googily moogily, this meal was good.

After eating ourselves stupid, and smelling not unlike Gilroy, California, we went for some Salsa dancing at Andrea's Cha-Cha Club. When I say "we" went salsa dancing, it's in the royal sense. We don't salsa dance, I salsa dance. Leo mans the camera and tends to the people watching.

While I doubt the eau de garlic was a scent my dance partners hoped would be wafting over them, I couldn't help but have a grand old time cutting a rug.

I kind of think this blurry one is the most flattering of the bunch.

I guess this one looks a little bit more like it's actually me.

Dancing a cha-cha. I had a little trouble following this guy's lead and he kept insisting on counting aloud. It was a little bit of a train wreck.

Despite his mullet he was a very good dancer. Oh and he has a mullet, my god, I haven't seen one of those since New Hampshire!

We danced until about midnight before calling it quits and heading home to bed.

While Andrea's doesn't have quite the crowd I remember from my favorite Salsa clubs in Boston and LA, it comes as close as I've been able to find since coming to Portland. We've hit a few other spots that are nicer to look at but lack the sort of regulars that can really hold their own. Apparently, Tango is rather popular here and I may have to give it a shot, but for now, I've found a place to get my salsa fix.


You are too funny! Leo needs to get off his ass and salsa before you get swept away by the mullet.

My mother, of all people, is the Salsa Queen. She says to try Aztec Willies on 14th and Broadway.

Oh, these pictures are beautiful! Mullet and all! I was so thrilled to find out that there's a dance school locally now.

Wow - looks like you had fun! If you haven't seen too many mullets, you haven't been to the Philly area!

Thanks for the tip with Wyvern - I finally got the chance to rip back, and it's motoring along quite well! No problems this time! THANKS!

Get on with your bad self! That looked like so much fun. Tell Leo to get in touch with his Latin roots and have someone else man the camera.

That was a fun post! "Marnie-La Chica que Pica!" Makes me miss going to the Mayan. the Tango, seriously Leo, time for lessons because you don't want another Latin hottie dancing tango style with your beautiful Marnie. ;) Ay ya yay--Tango, that would be the seductive equivalent of a hand-spun, lace-weight, circular shawl where the pattern has been handed down for generations. Something that would take your breath away!
(if I could just teach my Indian hubby to salsa!)
p.s. I loved your blogs from India, wish we could have been friends while you were in So. Cal.

Looks like a great time! I haven't danced in ages, but then I wake up at night with charley horses if I do. Checking out restaurants now, that's my kinda sport!

Looks like a great time! I haven't danced in ages, but then I wake up at night with charley horses if I do. Checking out restaurants now, that's my kinda sport!

oooooo greek food. i may have to go out for lunch tomorrow! there's this place not too far from my sons' school that is authentic greek (they're both from greece, and she makes her own phyllo dough) and it's soooooo yummy! i think i need to go!

Ooh. You look pretty good at it(dancing)! Love the 'action-shots'. =)

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