And a good time was had by all


On Saturday morning, I stretched out my bon-bon shaking aches. Leo suggested we brave the rain and wind and head to the beach to give Panda some running around time. Bundled up in layers we made our way to Cannon Beach.

The three of us arrived at our destination and Leo gave me a wry smile. "It looks like a hurricane out there." he says, and he should know, having lived through hurricane Andrew more than a decade ago. Panda, was doing the happy dance in the back seat, shifting from foot to foot and pacing from window to window as she let out a little desperate whimper. It was all on me, the princess of the bunch. Do I dismiss the hour's drive and turn the whole party around and go home or do I suck it up and brave the elements?

That ain't steam rising off the ground there!

I like to think of this as a little macrodermabrasion. You can't tell, but along with the wind, we had a healthy bit of rain coming down. The temperature was relatively mild, maybe 60 degrees, but the wind had quite a bite.

Panda felt it was all good fun, indeed.

In fact, she was wondering why we didn't stay longer. Once my jeans were soaked and the wind got even stronger, I wrangled the crew back into the car. We went home, had some lunch and tucked in for a little nap.

I thought it'd be a quite night in, but Leo had other ideas. "We'll just go out for an hour, see a band, maybe have a beer." He says. So I pop on something casual, that will keep me warm, and we head out to Laurelthirst, a little bar on the other side of the river, where we had some munchies and a little bit of beer while we listened to the band.

Their selection of beer is impressive and their nachos really hit the spot.

Any place sporting a Deception Dollar, is fine in my book.

Isn't Leo a good looking man?

He looked so cute I had to give him a kiss.

From Laurelthirst, Leo suggested we go back for more salsa dancing. At first, I resisted. I definitely wasn't dressed for dancing. But he didn't have to work too hard to twist my arm. We went back to Andrea's for a few, then over to Fernando's Hideaway. I danced and danced some more before we headed out for a little walk by the river.

It was a gorgeous night with just a little mist in the air. The trees had turned yellow and nearly glowed against the warm light of the streetlamps. A perfect ending to a great night.


That last picture is so cute! It sounds like an incredible weekend. Panda looks so happy running around on the beach.

very romantic :)

What a fun night!! and Panda is a happy schmoo, indeed.

Both day and night look so cuddly and romantic. Makes me wish I could stay up past 10!

I miss those days! Sounds like great fun! I remmeber Andrew very well too. (insert curse here) ;)

I miss those times! Soon though! Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves! And yes, he's a cutie pie! You make a beautiful couple! But Andrew! I remember well (insert expletive here)

You two are so incredibly sweet :). Good time, indeed.

ahhhh...I'm so happy for you guys, and I don't even know you! :)

That last picture of you two is so adorable--you can feel the love! Sounds like all three of you had a great weekend.

Wow, that sounds like a wonderful day!

Sounds like an incredibly full, but relaxing, wonderful day! I've been enjoying your "weathery," Fall-ish pictures- we've been having Santa Anas- it's been in the 80s and 90s! In November! What??

Ooh, next time in Cannon Beach, eat at Heather's. You won't be sorry. The pesto grilled cheese sandwich stil haunts my dreams...

And a hubby who SUGGESTS dancing? You are so lucky. And the two of you take a fine tintype, I must say. And that Panda, she's no slouch in the cutie department neither!

Happy Weekend!

I love Cannon Beach - even in Hurricane conditions. Panda looks so very happy!
You make a lovely couple. So nice to see your pics - the one under the streetlamp is especially sweet.

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