I only lived there for 5 years


I'm back to pester you guys for more free advice. Yes, I lived in LA for 5 years, but even though I did get some manicures last year when I was doing Knitty Gritty, it was a bit hit or miss. The first manicure was great, the second left something to be desired. Anyway, I'm not a manicure getting kind of girl, but I'll be getting another one for my upcoming episodes of KG and would love some recommendations in the Burbank area. If you know of any reliable places in the Valley that you can recommend, I'd love to hear. Just leave me a comment below.



Hollywood, not Burbank, but I Nails on Hollywood and Western is inexpensive, CLEAN and they do a good job.

Closer to Burbank: in Los Feliz, Fancy Nails on Hillhurst is also really good. They gave me a french manicure once that lasted FOREVER, normally they chip right away. Don't know what they did, but I liked it!

If you saw my nails right now you would crack up that I'm even giving tips in this area.

be sure to take stitchy with you ... trust me she needs one -- and get her a lip wax too.


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