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This might be the longest I've spent spinning any amount of fiber. Since I spend most of my free time cranking out projects I cannot blog about, I'm only granting myself about 1 hour of spinning for every 8 hours of knitting work. That one hour includes all pre-drafting, bobbin changing and other spinning related activities involved in producing yarn.

The lack of time is no lack of devotion, though, and I'm so pleased with the outcome. The fiber is a merino/viscose blend in colorway, Autumn, dyed by Chameleon Colorworks. The end result is about 425 yards of sock weight, 2-ply yarn. It's definitely got some thick and thin areas but I think it may be my most lovely yarn to date.

My blocking board is in the one spot in the house getting sufficient enough natural light to allow pictures without a flash.

While I was spinning the fibers, I was thinking that I didn't c are for the green as much as the other colors. But spun up, the colors come together in a beautiful way. Even though the green plays very heavily, the effect of the yarn, as a whole, is more orange-brown.

Using a good drive band made a big difference in the final product.

I was getting a lot of yardage with pretty thick looking yarn and I realized a lot of that had to do with my yarn being a bit underspun...or maybe a LOT underspun. It would result in a very soft and light yarn but one that looked a little sad and limp. This was my first yarn spun using one of those synthetic drive bands and the results please me to no end.

The good drive band gave me much more control over the wheel. It seems obvious, but it's another "well duh!" moment for me. Before, I was using a mercerized cotton and I sometimes couldn't get the wheel to spin at all if I had the break on too high, and even when I kept the brake rather slack, it'd still spin the fibers too little and the yarn would break a lot.

Another lesson learned.


looks great, Marnie! I love the colors and the sheen.

...I really need to get back to my wheel.

I don't know anything about drive bands or brakes, but I do know a beautiful yarn when I see one. You should be proud, it's just lovely.

The yarn is just gorgeous! I hope you have something special planned for it.

The yarn is just gorgeous! I hope you have something special planned for it.

Wow, that IS gorgeous! Isn't it cool how the colors can play around like that? I love it.

Lately I've been so drawn by spinning that I can hardly tear myself away from my Lendrum to knit on the projects that really need to get done. Here's hoping some of your dedication rubs off on me!

OMG. That yarn is unbelieveably stunning! The colors are amazing and I love the green throughout- I think it adds just a little punch of contrast. Gorgeous!

So I have to ask... is this yarn balanced? I'm trying my damndest to get a balanced yarn that looks plied enough. My attempts have been *I think* a bit overspun, and I'm not very pleased. I want a yarn that looks nicely plied while still being balanced and I haven't been able to achieve that yet. Any recommendations?

My Lendrum comes with a plastic drive band. I used a cotton cord on it once as an experiment. That didn't work as well as I would have liked either. I think they type of cord you use may make a big difference. Mercerized cotton is pretty slick, and may not give enough grip. You usually hear "butcher's twine" (or a soft, multi-ply string) given as a good type of cord to use as spinning wheel drive belts, but the size of the groove on your wheel and whorls also makes a difference.

Looks beautiful! You seem very productive in your time management.

Hi Marnie:

That's beautiful yarn. I have just bought a Schacht too and have had trouble with the drive band. Where did you get the synthetic band you used and what make? Also, are you using double drive or Scotch Tension?

we won't discuss my drive band. suffice it to say, i can't find my spinning rehab kit, so i'm using dishcloth cotton. it works

That is one beautiful yarn!

Oh man Marnie,
That is really beautiful. Wow, I have to say that the colors are really my fave and you did an amazing job. Isn't owning a wheel GREAT!

Oh, green is wonderful! It brings all the other colors together. You can't have such a fall-like colorway without green! :-)

Honestly, it looks like heaven in a ball. Or skein. I hope you design a nice pair of socks for it.

Super beautiful. Whatchoo been knitting you can't tell? Projects for DIY Network? A book?

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