Just some things I enjoy looking at


A relatively random collection of recent photos that make me smile. As always, click to make them bigger.

My new yarn all balled up and begging to be swatched

Dew drops on the grass in the early morning.

Panda watching the rain.

Dog friendly park with a lake

Duck duck...


Little critter A nutria (thanks Amanda!)

He can swim.

The purple center of a Queen Anne's Lace flower


The semi-aquatic creature is a Muskrat (I'm almost absolutely certain). They look like beavers but without the whappy tail.

Wonderful photos. I am dying to visit you! I keep meaning to tell you how much I love that yarn you spun up. I am just WAY behind on the blogs. But it is amazing. Really gorgeous.

Yup - that's a Muskrat!

Actually, I think it's a nutria. Their tails are round like a rat's rather than flat like a muskrat. They have nasty orange teeth, too, so it's a good thing he didn't smile at you. *grin*

Those are beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing them. I really like the pics of the ducks and the goose and of the dewdrops on the grass.

Weird, I didn't know nutria lived up north. At least, it looks like one to me, too. We're encouraged to eat those things. Doesn't he look yummy? haha.

Your pictures are lovely, btw.

Yep, nutria. We have quite a few of them around here in Hillsboro because of the wetlands. It can be disconcerting when you see them because they do look like a giant rat.

What great photos!

Especially like the yarn, of course!

Oh, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that yarn. And then I almost passed out when I saw the nutria. My SIL tells me that her hospital sees a very high volume of nutria attack cases. Who knew?

I hope you stayed dry yesterday. We were under a lot of water... and without power. :-)

I love the pic of Panda watching the rain -- it looks so serene. And that little critter (Nutria? Muskrat?) looks so pissed off it actually looks cute. Hehe. Lemme guess, that gorgeous ball of yarn will be a gorgeous pair of socks? =)

Wow-stunning photos! Thanks for sharing. Duck, duck, goose ~snort~

Uh, thanks for posting another picture of that yarn- just when the drooling had subsided from the last post! I love the pic of Panda looking out the window. I just want to pet her!

Well, I don't know about Leo, but the nutria sure do raise more than their share of hell! They are quite tasty, though... but then again, being from Louisiana, I have this opinion that anything can be pretty darn good if ya know how to cook it. :-)

i love the queen anne's lace -- and i read that it makes some really nice natural dye colors.

great pics, marnie ;)

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