Final Countdown


Wow, you guys are awesome! I have been getting so many submissions for the leg contest, along with great little asides from many of you. I'm sorry I haven't had the time to personally thank and respond to each and every one of you.

For those who might be on the line about sharing your measurements with me, here's a little something that might sway you one way or the other. Below are pictures of what the winner will get to choose from.

If you choose a spinning related prize, you can choose from one of these orifice hooks.

Either a lamb themed hook.

Or a lizard themed hook.

If you prefer a knitting related prize, you can choose from one of two pairs of US sized 7 Clover knitting needles with decorated ends.

Again, I have a lamb themed variety.

Or a lizard theme.

These are definitely hand made and look the part but they're made with plenty of TLC, for whatever that is worth.

If the winner opts out of any of the items above, there will be an option for a yarn or roving prize instead.

I've extended the contest just a little longer, so you may get in your entries until mid-day Saturday, when the winner will be chosen.

Thanks again for all the submissions so far. I hope they keep rolling in.


those lizards could pass for dragons! tempt me!

Those sheep are adorable!

Did you make those?! Very cute!

Are those sheep something you make to sell? Although my spinning wheel doesn't require an orfice hook, and I only knit with circulars now, I would be interested in earrings.

How cute! Did you make those?
You sooo talented!

did i win, did i win, huh, huh huh? hope you had a nice weekend, lol. still waiting for my dragonish thigh high socks, lol

THey're adorable!!!

These are freakishly cute! I love the sheep!!

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