Would that be H2O4?


I left Mumbai after a breakfast of coffee and toast and hopped a small plane to Pune. This involved another trek through various security check points. Not the least of which was the "Ladies' Frisking Booth." How's that for a friendly how do you do?

It wasn't nearly as exciting as it sounds. It's more your standard issue wanding by security.

After a short wait we were all bussed to our plane in which they'd piped the smooth sounds of musak. La Bamba played as I entered and began again right before we disembarked. I guess they save money by keeping the music rotation just about as long as the flight and pass the savings on to the customer.

I landed, collected my things and headed to the hotel.

Ahh the hotel.
Remember the view from my Mumbai room? Here's how it looks in the day:


Here's my new view:

But it's got internet access, a shower and a bed, which should pretty much cover my needs. They also have the most amusing bottled water I've seen yet.

I don't find their water any more oxygen-y than any other I've had the pleasure to try but I'm reassured to know that it's got 300% more than "source water under standard testing conditions." Heaven knows, our doctors are always telling us to drink more oxygen in our diet.

But the amusement of reading water bottle labels wears off quickly which is where the internet access comes into play, and oh boy am I taking advantage of it. I'm not sure if it makes me more or less homesick, but Leo's been video conferencing with me when we're both awake. I don't have a web cam, but he and Panda do.

Panda doesn't love the web cam. It sort of confuses her to hear my voice coming out of, seemingly, nowhere

But that just makes her get all snuggly with Leo for reassurance.

I miss being with them but am glad they are doing well.

Well, it's time for me to try to catch a little shut eye. Yesterday, that was unexpectedly challenging. There's a festival going on right now, and my room is right next to a temple where they were blaring religious music most of the day. Luckily, I have a couple pairs of earplugs to help dull the noise.

Today and tomorrow, we have off and then it's back to the grind.

I hope to have something more interesting than airports and hotel room views to show you next time.


I was telling Daniel about the "Ladies' Frisking Booth" and then I realized - why is Marnie back there? Are you commuting and still working at your old job?

Such cute snuggly pictures!

awwww... did I tell you I have a serious crush on panda? so cute!

what is your job and what are you doing in India?

What a cutey little schmoopy, that Panda! She is such a Daddy's little girl.

How's the weather over there?

Panda is so sweet when snuggling. =)

Oh man, being able to get dog-and-sweety updates while away would be the absolutely best thing ever...
Be productive, be safe, and have fun! (not necessarily in that order, mind you.)

A ladies frisking booth?, 300% more oxygen to drink? Foreign religious music?
Hotel night club to hotel nightmare? I'll bet somewhere in all of this, you're getting a creative idea! Hurry home...

Panda snuggles with Leo just like my dogs snuggle with my husband. So cute! And how fun that you can keep up with them this way!

Oh, man, those pictures of Leo and Panda are adorable!!! :)

Sorry to say I've been giggling over your travails. But you're so amusing! might be all that extra oxygen in the water. I could probably use some of that right about now. Hope you have some good rest and shopping in between work. Thank goodness for the video conferencing and internet access, probably a nice exchange for the pool side view. See you when you come to L.A.!

Better that the water have more oxygen in it than some of the other nasty buggers that can be in Indian water!
Aw, Panda is such a snuggly monkey, so precious.
Safe travels!

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