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So after my internet session expired in Frankfurt, I decided I needed to up the dork factor while I passed the time.

Let's be honest, it's pretty darn dorky to be blogging, taking pictures of yourself blogging and listening to .wav files of your boyfriend and doggy back home.

But why not crank out the ol' ipod and listen to science podcasts while spinning on a drop spindle? Short of bringing along a TRS-80 and a butter churn, there are few things I could have done that would have been less cool.

Sorry guys, hands off, this girl is taken! When it started to get too crowded to comfortably spin, I reverted to knitting and listening to the Unger Report.

Finally, 1:45 rolled around and I boarded my flight to Mumbai. Since I was already 17 hours into my 22 hour travel itinerary, I wasn't expecting much of note for the last 5 hours. The plane was definitely rockin' the ol' school business class, but it was roomy and they kept us well fed, so who am I to complain, but I did find one things particularly blog worthy.

Do you see that woman's tray? Note that we are in business class, which means that anytime other than those when the plane is actively taking off or landing there are folks pushing free booze your way. And if, perchance, you happen to feel a thirst coming on during the 5 minutes that the beverage cart isn't at your side, any of the flight staff will gladly hand deliver the liquor of your choice. However, this woman must have feared they'd run out before they reached her again. She has not one, but TWO glasses of white wine and a glass of cognac on her tray. I'm not sure what the glass of water is doing there. Maybe she thought it was vodka.

I passed out for a fitful 3 hours of sleep after the meal and woke up in time for the next meal and a little tea. Now I'm in my temporary hotel room for a couple hours before heading back to the Mumbai airport to fly to my final destination.

The room is nice, though for 5 hours, probably more room than I need. Heck, I never thought I'd feel this way, but if the Mumbai airport had those chest of drawer style sleeping quarters that they have in Japan, I'd have been perfectly content with that. But hey, I’ll enjoy it while I’m here. Wanna see a shot of the pool from my room?

Don't you think that would make a banging night club? Did I just say "banging night club"?

Man, I need some sleep. I'm almost out of internet time, so I'll sign off for now. Presuming my hotel near the office has internet connection, I'll be posting more soon.


You know what's weird? You're in freaking Mumbai, but for all intents and purposes, you could still be in Portland as far as blogging goes. I mean, you're as close to me now as you are when you're at home - just a computer screen away. And yet you're half a world away. Isn't that weird?

And yes, it would be totally slammin', yo! You need to get down there and show them how an American does a wet t-shirt contest.

I can believe you're spinning at an airport, but blogging too? Ahh I don't blame you, I'd be insane if I had no access to my bloggy world. Besides I checked to see if you'd post while away! hehe
That pool would make a great club bangin' or otherwise!

That's so sweet that Leo sends you pics and audio files!

And if I saw you spinning in a crowded airport, you would definitely be the one I'd choose to sit next to!

And I thought I had an internet addiction! Personally, I'd need that many drinks to get real sleep on a plane. I can't believe how perky you are. You know I'm not sweet when I miss my bedtime. ("Okay, let's wind it up Mr. hotel guy, I got sleepin' to do! You two can chat about all this crap in the morning, k?" And jeezus, remember the husky boyfriend shouting restaurant critiques from the couch, and the huge poodle? Too much. I miss the Redwoods and all they have to offer.)

I don't like the attention spinning in public brings, did you get many stares?

You go girl! Show 'em how to have a good time. At least a good time in our vernacular!

Ugh, 5 hours in a hotel room? That's gotta be tough. I hope you get rested before you have to go to work the following week.

Banging, huh? Whoa. Great post! I hope the rest of your trip was uneventful. Enjoy your stay - be safe!

Spinning in the airport - wow! Was there any trouble going through TSA with the spindle? Dork-spinners unite!

Hah, I thought that was a night club at first! Must be time to get to the eye doctor...I love that you've embraced your inner dorkness - it gives me a sense of hope :)

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