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It has been a whirlwind week at Chez MOW. We've fit more of just about everything into these 7 days than I usually fit into a month. I love it. It's a fiber fueled binge and the neighbors are ready to call the authorities.

I won't say "the highlight of the week" because I think it's all been fun in a myriad of ways, but one of the best photographically documented events has been our trip to the Santa Monica Fiber Festival. Now, many of we yarnly types think of "fiber" as being roving and fleece and perhaps some handspun, and, boy oh boy, the best of that was available. But this fiber festival featured fabrics, beads, buttons, and antique goodness all around. Sure, there were some kittens and koy* but for every bit of questionably kitsch, there’s a great deal more of wallet emptying temptation.

The organizers (no fools were they) knew what they were doing and placed some baby alpacas at the entrance.

I'm not particularly gaga over livestock but these guys are pretty darn cute. Julia and I then went in for a quick first pass and some lunch.

A little side story, because I know she won't tell you herself. As we were eating our french fries..er...I mean...organic rolled oats, we chatted away at the small area set aside for such goings on. As we prattled on about what we wanted to see, what we planned to buy and which wheels we hoped to spin on, from behind me, came the sweetest "excuse me." A woman was trying to get Julia's attention. "Excuse me." She said, one more time "Are you a model?" As Julia decided if she could hug the woman while simultaneous spitting her food out and laughing, the woman persisted. "Don't you model knitwear?" Now, of course, I think Julia is plenty lovely enough to model, but one can't help but admire a complement like that. Further discussion revealed that the woman had seen Julia's various knitwear designs online, and presumed her role as "model" was paid and as opposed to practical.

After our highly nutritious lunch, we began our official trek through the festival. I knew my little shawl would be there, and we found it in no time. Despite knowing full well it’d be on display, I couldn’t help but be pleased beyond reason to see her there.

She stood among some of the most breath taking pieces. The photos submitted to Spindlicity just didn't do them justice.

After that, it was two circuits of the vendors and then a long break to spin, gab and spin some more. If this were a night on the town, at this point in the story, Julia and I would be crawling into Denny's at 4AM, makeup streaming down our faces, nylons ripped and at least one high heel broken. We were just about ready to pass out, but we couldn't bring ourselves to stop. We kept running into people we knew and things to see. We knew we were doomed when we finally found Miss Andrea walking around with her sister. So pulling out one of my purchases, a decadent 2 ounces of Merino and Silk roving, I decided to start spinning.

See Marnie.
See Marnie spin.
Spin, Marnie, spin!

And let me tell you, I didn't stop until yesterday morning. This stuff spun like it didn't even need me there. The results? 72 yards of 2 ply yarn on my brand new niddy noddy. Did I mention I bought a niddy noddy? No? Well I did and I’m smitten.

The yarn is about a DK to a light worsted weight and spun on my 1.9 ounce Golding Celtic Ring. And if the color and fiber composition weren't yummy enough, how's this for a little balance?

That is right off the niddy noddy. This yarn hasn't seen water yet. I'm so very proud.

As you can see, it's fairly loosly spun which I find easier to keep balanced. It was hard not to keep this yarn as singles because they looked so beautiful, but I knew I'd be unlikely to knit with singles, and I want to make sure I actually use this handspun

Oh and while I was at the festival, I may have also tried myself a wheel. And it just so happens that I love it and that it maches my new niddy noddy. I was thinking I might get myself the entry level model for Christmas, but more and more I'm thinking that what I want to do is save up for the super fabby model instead. As Julia says, in an entirely believable and reasonable sounding manner "If you get the good one, you won't need to upgrade later, then you'll only need one wheel ever."

You heard it here first, folks.That's my plan; one wheel, monogomous relationship for life. No really, I mean it.

*This will make more sense if Julia posts some of her aquisitions.


I have a Kromski, a Prelude in the mahogany stain and matching niddy noddy. I love it. I'm also going to try to make it to the oregon flock and fiber in september if you're settled in by then!

Since you embarassed me with the knitwear model eating french fries (and a hot dog in a bag, no less) story, I have to reveal what was my favorite moment of recognition for the day. I thought it was particularly funny when someone recognized you from the blog and "thought you would be bigger." You know, like a movie star on the silver screen. Very cute. I can't go anywhere with you!

Oh, and you forgot to mention that Deb, the lovely woman who I paid to mistake me for a model, is charming, raises sheep, and plans to send us alpaca fleece. She is an amazing woman on many levels.

congrats again on the shawl - it's such a stunner! and yay for seeing you again, that was a great treat. i was smiley all day, that fest was just too much fun, even arriving late as we did. hee, i love that part about your two with the broken heels and ripped hose ;)

have a great trip up and here's too seeing you in l.a. again sometime soon!

Oh, yay! You got the Kromski! I saw you playing with it and wondered if you would get it. I have the Minstrel (castle wheel) and I'm in love with it. There are so many options on this wheel that it will be MANY years before I will need to think of looking for something else. Congrats!

Oh, and the merino/silk... GORGEOUS!

Which Kromski model are you thinking of? I have an unreasoning desire for a Saxony-style wheel, and I keep looking at those. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

It sounds like you had a great time, and everything looks gorgeous--the shawl, the alpaca, the spinning . . . sounds pretty perfect!

Ack! I hate those friends. Well...if you buy the EXPENSIVE boots they'll last longer...if you drink some water before bed you can totally handle those tequila shots...

I'm really trying not to laugh about that one-wheel theory...

Once you do get your fab model, just watch out for antiques that make you fall in love with them, is all I'm saying. :-)

I went to the festival on Saturday too! I was there with a friend who was down from SF, and her mom. My favorite booth was Morgaine's. Sadly, I didn't get to spend as much time there as I would have liked. I should have gone alone.

Too cool! I recently bought some merino/silk roving and I can't wait to spin it! Sound like you guys had fun and your shawl was beautiful. Are you going to put up the pattern for it?

Sounds like you gals had quite the fun time at the Fiber Fest! I'm bummed I wasn't able to go. I want that baby alpaca!

Your comments about the Fiber Festival look more interesting than the advertisements I saw for it. Looks like I missed out!

Oooh. Envious seething!

I've been a longtime lurker, but just wanted to let you know about our little swap over here. I love your spinning and you keep me inspired!

I've been a longtime lurker of your blog and just thought you might want to check our our little spinning roving swap here. You're a spinning inspiration!

Oooh, buy the spinning wheel. I'm all for buying the best that you can afford. How much longer till the big move? Maybe I'll run into you at Sunset Junction?

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