One sock down, one case of SSS to go


Since returning from India, I've done way too little knitting, mostly because I've been sick. But I'm finally feeling almost 100% better, except for a nagging cough, and my little Nods to Jaywalker are the project at hand.
You can see the finished one hanging out next to the freshly started one. Don't they look cute?

I think I'm going to need a break from both self striping yarn and socks after this pair is done. Knitting the second sock is a bit of a drag, but I'm I think the end result will be cute enough to be worthy of finishing them.

The yarn is Lang Jawoll which I like to think of as Ja Rule's much cooler, crafty sister. It is wonderful, soft and durable, and vividly printed. I expect to get almost a full pair of socks out of a single 50 gram skein.


I like that the waves are a bit softer than the jaywalker points.

You have sure knit some cute socks for someone who is *not* a sock knitter. I'm finally on the home stretch with my mata haris. They're very cute in that electric blueberry you gave me.

Really cute! Love the colorway!

OK, that is so funny... I clicked on the link thinking, "surely she doesn't mean THAT Ja Rule, right?" But you did. Brilliant.

Your socks are cute... and I'm glad to read that you are feeling better!

i too am not a sock knitter but somehow managed to make a few this year BUT it was sock wearing weather and therefor much easier to make that damn second sock!

Good - you're feeling better. What's next on the knitting horizon?

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Socks are looking good!

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Socks are looking good!

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