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I finally got my India pictures sorted and posted online. You can pop yourself on over to the gallery if you like.
You'll get to see some of the cool gothic architecture of Mumbai.

See the gateway to India

Go with me on a tour of the Prince of Wales Museum.

See the Hanging Gardens

And join me for my last meal in India.

All of this without having to brave the hot sticky monsoon weather. It's a bargain at twice the price.


so jealous.

Awesome! I am SWAMPED today (write me anyway!), but I will check out the gallery tonight. Can't wait to see the pictures - too cool!

Very neat, thanks for sharing them!

This is so great! I'm getting even more excited about my own trip having seen yours.

Fantastic photos! I've been wanting to travel to India since I took some courses on Indian art and architecture in college. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Thanks for sharing the photos, it looks like you had an amazing trip!

awesome!! those photos are so great. looks like a beautiful trip, and good to have you back.

those pictures are stunning.

except the last one.

what, no spicy coconut shrimp curry?

no nan?

no ghee?


Love the cat and dog pics...were there no cows in the streets ? I remember
cows everywhere in Chennai and other large cities...however we gave Mumbai a miss it just seemed too big. You can't get veggie burgers in Toronto Macdonalds no junk food for me !!

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