I know I said I was going to knit a scarf with my sunflower colored Corriedale handspun. I know I said I wouldn't knit a hat because I don't look good in yellow.

I say a lot of things.

So yah, I knit a hat with my handspun and I'm pretty happy with it. The stitch pattern is from a Barbara Walker book and is called "Bleeding Hearts." It doesn't really look like bleeding hearts to me, unless it's some commentary on my political stance, then maybe.

Here's a little close up of the stitch pattern

Panda decided she wanted in on the photo shoot, so I picked her up and gave her a big smooch.

And then I took her picture because after the last post, I felt I needed to prove that I do not condone the humiliation of doggies except inasmuch as I find it funny and post pictures of it which means I sort of do condone it. But let's not dwell on alleged ducky slippers and robes. Instead, let's admire how cute Miss Bear is.


Anyway, I've submitted the hat pattern for consideration in a future edition of Spindlicity. If Janel doesn't want to run it, I'll post the pattern here, so either way, if you want yourself a similar hat, it'll be available somewhere, at sometime.


love da panda!! My tobey keeps picking at his front paws latley, there is no apparent cuts or anything from the picking, but he licks at them like crazy. It's probably vet time!

ooooooh, I want to come scoop up that PandaPoochie!!! So sweet.
Love the hat, too!

The hat looks great, and the picture of you smooching Panda is adorable. (I love the discreet tail placement, too--she's such a lady!)

Love the hat and Panda. Marnie, don't be silly, you look good in everything.

I love the hat! It looks great on you actually. What wonderful photos and I love your dog too.

Look at all those arms and legs! I want a Panda of my very own. And your hat is lovely. I wish I could wear them as nicely as you do!

The handspun hat is just gorgeous! I'll be keeping my eye out for that pattern.

Miss Panda is just the cutest, as always!

I'm guessing the pattern is called that because it resembles the flower called a bleeding heart. I never thought they looked much like a bleeding heart, but whatever. It's a very cool hat and as always a very cute panda girl!

I think the yellow suits you - it's a nice muted shade and your hair really provides good contrast. Just make sure whatever shirt you wear it with is a good color on you (like the purple) - it will reflect up on your face and make it all work.

Pretty hat! Pretty Panda.

Lovely. I really like what you did with that sunny handspun.

Love the hat and the yellow really works with the pattern. And it looks great on you. I can see the bleeding hearts... kind of.

Cute pic of you and Panda!

The hat is gorgeous! And you do look good in yellow :)
Panda is just adorable too.

You look simply smashing in that hat. It seems that yellow does really become you, believe it or not. =)

I would insist that Panda get a smooch for being such a good girl, but it seems that she's getting her quota!

As others have commented, that pic of the smooch is beautiful - the bright sunshine, all those legs every which way, and, last but not least, the lovely hat!

You're too talented!

ooh, i love it! can't wait for the pattern to become available!

I love that hat!
Panda is too cute!

That's a great yellow on you! Your Panda - she is so loved!

what do you mean you dont' look good in yellow? that is FABULOUS! keep up the good owrk!

The hat is beautiful - and I think yellow is your color. Panda is cute as always! Looking forward to the pattern.

I've just wandered on to your website for the first time and I love your knitting. Everything is so beautiful and elegant. I love the way your new hat is fuzzy and lacey at the same time. Very pretty.

Panda looks so intelligent and loving in that picture.
How can you refuse her anything !
The hat is the perfect use for that lovely sunny yarn.
And yes yellow works for you.

Great, great HAT! and you do look good in yellow. I must say, Panda looked a little relieved to have all four feet on the ground, again. She's so cute.

That's a beautiful hat and so well knitted. Everything from the pattern to the color is very nice. Fantastic job!
Your panda is just precious and cute!

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