I would never do this to Panda.


My friend Chrissy is an animal trainer. She also gets a kick out of dressing up dogs.

This is Beowulf

Her parents' Pomeranian. See what she's done to him, after the bump.

Ducky slippers and a robe.

He doesn't really mind, he's just happy that he gets even more attention.

But for those of you who prefer their dogs unadorned, here's Rufus, an adorable chocolate lab.

Both Beowulf and Rufus have been working on a job and are staying with Chrissy.
I thought those of you who love dogs, might get a kick out of seeing them both.


There should be a caption that says "Why Dogs Attack" or "Wait till you see what I put in your favorite shoes, punk"

Ducky slippers? Oh, that's just a shame . . . (grin)

It had to happen sooner-or-later: A Pommie in a hoodie.

Lol, too funny! Rufus is a cutie, too (minus the ducky attire)

I think it's hilarious that someone would choose Beowulf as a name for a Pomeranian.

And I've been known to put clothes-type stuff on my dogs. But I do draw the line at ducky slippers. :)

You know when I put the sweaters I feverishly make my dog Abbath on him, he just lays on his back with his feet in the air and refuses to move until I remove the sweater.

Suddenly I don't feel so bad.


Is that Beowulf that Rufus is chewing on? He is a retriever, afer all.

Love your site- thanks for all the inspiration.

One question: "WHY?"
My heartfelt thanks that you would not do that to Panda. Dogs need no adornment. Rufus is grand!!

Oh, that is just so funny! Ducky slippers.
Rufus looks like his name should be Rufus. Great pictures!

oh, i love the ducky slippers! i'm not saying it is morally right to dress one's dog in them, but i love the pic nonetheless. thanks for sharing, marnie!

So. Cute. Beowulf looks so comfy in that outfit! And Rufus is totally Rufus. Woof.

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