Dogs in raincoats, swords and ruffles


After my last post, I got together with a bunch of my girlfriends for dinner at a Tunisian restaurant.

There was wine and, well, belly dancing.

See, here's the thing about me, there's really not much more than a thin veneer of self decency that keeps me from breaking into dance at the drop of a hat (or in this case, drape of a scarf). I love to dance. So when my friends hoisted me, bodily, at the belly dancer who was trying to coax another of the group up to dance, well, I didn't put up much of a struggle. And hey, just because I've never belly danced before, doesn't mean I won't try to fake it.

And if you aren't having an hearty laugh at my expense yet, I will add that while I had had a little bit of wine, I wasn't even buzzed. I act this way sober.

Anyway, enough of that.
I've been knitting some trim onto my cardi.

There are something like 1500 stitches going around the edge of this piece, and it is taking me days to cast off. The saddest part of all is that I'm not sure if I like this treatment. I'll bind off and see, but I'm thinking I might want something a bit softer, less ruffly. I did try it on up to this point and it looks pretty cute, but, it's not quite what I envisioned.

Would you like to see that ruffle a little closer?

It's a completely reversible ruffle that I designed for this piece, though I'm sure others have come up with the same sort of idea. If I do end up ripping this out and trying again, I'll probably try the same thing again but with fewer increases and a wider ruffle. Or, I'll get fed up and try a different style.

And since I'm in a non sequitur kind of a mood, here's a dog in a raincoat that I saw yesterday while walking to Leo's office after work.


It's hilarious that the dog is wearing a raincoat and the man isn't. Oh, and I envy people like you that are uninhibited enough to dance in public.

Yum, tunisian dinner with girlfriends sounds like so much fun. I agree, the mini ruffle is cute. It would also look good with something a little less "mini".

But . . . dogs shouldn't be allowed to have swords! And, they'd just chew on the ruffles . . .

You've answered my questions about what dogs are wearing this season in LA but not how much you earned in tips at the Tunisian restaurant. As for the ruffle, I really like the current version. The combination of the curves in the cardigan and the geometry of the ruffle design really complement each other. I hope it looks great when you try it on.

I think the small scale of the ruffle nicely breaks up the vastness of the stockinette. Plus, it's not too overwhelmingly ruffly or exagerated. It's cute, for sure.

My upcomign birthday party is going to be at a Morrocan restaurant with belly dancing and i'm afrid that as the b-day girl, I may be made an example of. Hopefully, I can fake it as well as you did.

hey is that you on the latest pointy sticks podcast??

Somehow, I knew you were going to get up there and shake it.

I don't even have to have a sip to get up and dance. Drives my husband batty, or makes him die laughing, or both. But hey, bodies were made for this, especially if they have a bit of a somethin' somethin' to move, right?

i've taken belly dancing LESSONS! and it's fun! i can still do it a bit, even though i'm severely out of practice, lol. and the sweater looks nice, i'd leave the ruffle myself. poor dog, i bet he was cooking under that yellow monstrosity

I used to Bellydance! Went to a class every Tuesday night for over a year, I miss it terribly (I moved). I love that picture, you look like you were doing just fine!! haha.

That cardi is coming out great! You rock the needles, Marni. Absolutely rock them.

I think the edging on the sweater is lovely (although I can't imaging binding off that many stitches). And the dog in the raincoat is cute, but not as cute as Panda.

I was waiting for Tunisian crochet to enter the picture... It didn't! But the belly dancing is so much more fasinating to watch!

Ha, I'm exactly the same way when I see a belly dancer. If you're ever in London UK, come to Darbucka, EC1. People bring their own drums and sparkly skirt things to shake ass with .

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