Did I exceed my ruffle quotient?


I don't know, I think the ruffle may be too much. I like the ruffle idea, but maybe a little softer. I'm sort of dreading having to rip it out and reknit it, but it may be necessary. What do you think? Try to ignore the fact that I'm wearing my pajamas and that the sleeves are done yet.


Disclaimer: I'm not the hugest fan of ruffles in general.

I think I'd like more of a softer ruffle look. The kind you'd get with fewer increases. It does look ok as-is, but a little too busy for my taste.

I ADORE it! It gets your attention without being over the top ruffle-y. I think it's beautiful and I hope you write up a pattern!

No! I like the ruffles as is! Just as is!

I think it looks very good on you - and it's a charming spring look!

As of now, it's a close race. I like the ruffles, but think they may be a bit too ruffley. If you do leave it as is it will still be beautiful though :)

i chose to leave it as is as well. the lines of the cardi are simple, the whole piece is in st st, and i think the ruffle makes it stand apart. the fact that you didn't make it very wide keeps it looking classy and like a well-thought-out design element rather than "handknit gone bad" ;)

I agree with Jody... the rest of the cardi has such simple lines that the ruffle works well on you. I think your slender body shape allows for the mini ruffle without looking too-too. On me, it probably wouldn't look as elegant!

I am generally a member of the ruffle-averse crowd, but in this case I really think the dense ruffles work. It is almost as if there are so many ruffles it doesn't scream ruffles. Am I making any sense?

I think the ruffle looks great. If you really think it's too much, I suppose you could take off the bottom--from the button downward--but I'd leave the neckline as it is. It's lovely! (And, I'm not really a ruffly kind of person, either.)

Marnie! The ruffle looks great just as it is. Everyone needs a little fluff around their face!

i'm all about context, so along with the simple lines of the carfi itself, which i agree with others keeps it looking good, make sure you wear it with similarily simple-lines pants/skirts/etc.

so elegant though! the neckline particularly is lovely. ;)

I like the ruffle as is, but I'd go with something softer for the sleeve cuffs.

Now, if the cardi was pink or baby blue, the ruffle would be too much. As it is, I like it! Nice femme touch.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think you should add another ruffle. The ruffle is not subtle, but since it is pretty narrow with respect to its ruffliness it looks almost accidental. If you added another (or even two more) it would look like a dramatic statement instead, like this cardigan by Becky


I think the ruffles look good, as long as you do a simpler edging on the sleeves... like maybe a slight bell. Something complimentary, but not as ruffley.

I like it, but it's a tad frilly. So maybe you leave it for you, but you write instructions in the pattern for a tamer version.

I just feel like if I walked around in that much ruffle it would be...flouncing.

That green is so pretty! :)

I love it. I think it combines 'ruffle' with 'sharp'. Very neat but still feminine. I don't think I'd like it on the cuffs, though. I think I'd go for something more like a picot edge for them...

PS Panda is my fave blog-dog, and Kita says thanks for recommending the flying squirrel...

I like the idea of a ruffle along the edge, but definitely tone it down. I don't know how attached you are to the yarn you originally used, but you might consider using something lighter weight to do the ruffle: maybe a mohair in a similar color?

BTW, Love your blog and read it as often as possible!

I'm generally not a big ruffle fan, but on this I do love it - I say keep it as it is. It's a lovely simple jacket, so it can take it - on anything fancier it would be too much. But not on the sleeves - like Alison says (ooh, bizarre - she lives near me, but I've never met her - only seen her in blogland!) go for something less fussy there...

(Hey - it's your jacket, go with what you think...)

I voted toned-down ruffle. I think just a tad softer would be perfect. It's looking great. You have a killer neck-line!

I'm not sure how it looks in person, but from the picture, I think the ruffle looks too much like a short fringe. I think this is because it's so dense and thick-- if it were allowed to have more drape to it (by being either longer, or else less thick), I think it would be nicer. As a caveat, I generally don't like ruffles (though I am of course always willing to make an exception in your case ;). Sorry I don't have any useful suggestions...

Ruffle passe, too frou-frou. I'd like little mini pleats instead, more sophisticated. Nice blog. Cool stuff.

I don't mind the ruffle, but it looks a little much from the button on down - maybe just leave it around the neckline? The sleeves could either be ruffled or treated the same way as the bottom of the sweater.

I think it looks great as is with a very simple top underneath- similar to your jammies. If you want to go with anything more complicated, the ruffle might need to be tamed a bit. I really like the over-all shape of the sweater.

I think the ruffles look great on you especially with the dark green. Very sophisticated and yet a little flirty.

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