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While at Stitches, I got myself some lovely light sage green merino/silk blend roving. I bought it from the Angora Cottage booth. The first day, they had a sale and I got this roving for a great price.

I've been spinning it up on my 0.9 oz spindle, working the singles into about a fingering/DK weight with hopes of having a light worsted when I'm done.

I am finally feeling comfortable spinning slightly thicker weight yarns. I'm not sure I could do a big chunky yarn yet, but it's getting better each time I try.

Let me tell you, though, I've been acquiring roving at a pace I can't imagine ever catching up to with my lovely little hand spindles. Janel of both Spindilicity and Cameleon Colorworks fame, sent me 3 gorgeous servings of her hand dyed roving.

I got two of the Merino/Silk dyed in colorway "Catalina".

This was the same colorway I used for this pattern.

And then there's this:

The colorway is Indian Wedding and the fiber is Merino/Tencel. I'm not sure why I've been so drawn to warm tones lately, but this color is decadent. I've never spun a Tencel blend before, so we'll have to see how that goes, but if it's anything like spinning a silk blend, I think I'll like it.

And if that's not enough roving to add to the bunch, I'm awaiting an order I just placed with Amy for some of her Almost Solid Series roving.


So I just have to ask if the merino/silk from Angora Cottage is "English Garden". Random question.

Lovely roving! I like the warm tones, too.

that's some awesome roving! i'm still not that good at spinning at all. but i've not bought any more roaving since i first got my spindle.
the colors are awesome!
i can't wait to see your spun yarn!

Ooh, those are all so pretty!! Absolutely great colors. . . Sigh!

ohhhh nice! I just got a merino/silk blend so I'm looking forward to spinning that and also some CASHMERE (sorry can't help but shout about it, I'm so excited) which I'm really looking forward to spinning, it's so amazing. those colours are fab, i love the pinky/orange one, really beautiful.

Sounds like you'll need a spinning wheel soon! :)

Wow. That roving is just plain exciting. I hadn't spun for about a month because of the knitting olympics and such, but now my hands ache when I knit, so last night I started spinning again. Your adventures are inspiring!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't spin, but I can see why that roving was irresistible. Especially the Indian Wedding - reminds me of rainbow sherbert (my fav when I was a wee Monkey).

WOW!!! Just explored your website a bit more.....I cannot believe how much beautiful yarn you've spun with your spindles! I have very little spindle-spun yarn....I really rely on my spinning wheel. After looking at your beautiful yarns, I almost feel as if I'm "cheating" by using the spinning wheel.

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