Life's a beach


We took Miss Panda to Ocean Beach where they have a lovely stretch just for dogs.

It's about an hour and a half drive for us, so I did a bit of knitting on the way.

That's the unnamed shawl I've been knitting with my handspun. You can really see how, from skein to skein, the tonality of the yarn changes, but I like it. It might be because, having spun the yarn, designed the piece and knit it, I can't bear to NOT like it, yet I truly think that once it's blocked it will look good.

But you don't want to hear about the shawl, do you? You want to see some fun Panda pics, which I'm here to offer, after the bump.

Every trip to the beach must start with a healthy game of fetch. It's a good chance for a certain fur ball to rinse off any drool she may be wearing from the long ride (truth be told, she's still prone to car sickness), and it gets out lots of pent up energy, so that we can enjoy some quiet time, strolling the shore and meeting other little pups.

The best feeling of all is hearing other people cheer when she makes a great catch. This beach makes that much easier for her, too, the shore is shallow for quite a distance so she can frolic in the water but she doesn't have to fight to swim to her destination. She can bound there, instead.

The tide was low which meant we could explore areas of the beach we hadn't seen before.

Doggy beaches don't seem to make for very good tide pools (hmmm, wonder why) but I did find this little anemone, bathing amongst the rocks.

Leo and Panda found some cool little caves.

And Panda put on her geologist hat and discussed the various strata seen running up the edges of the cliffs. It was quite enlightening.

I thought this rock looked like a hippo. This is proof positive that Panda is more of an intellectual than I am.

Despite there being a pretty good number of people walking around the beach, it still felt like a quiet Sunday. I suspect that if Leo and I ever move away from LA, we'll always look back on days like this, with fond nostalgia. It's these sorts of days that melt away the stress of the work week. Panda seems to like it too.


hmm, do you think Panda likes it? I couldn't tell... :)

Thanks for all the Panda pics ... she is a doll as usual. And your shawl is looking really beautiful, Marnie!

As always, the pictures look great and it looks like Panda had a WONDERFUL time! Chappy's going to be so jealous....

I'm glad to see an update on the handspun shawl. It will be interesting to see how many ounces/how much yardage it eventually takes. And loving it isn't a parental obligation, it truly is beautiful!

That Panda is a hoot! My dogs would die of heart failure if they exercised that hard. Though they would love the opportunity to try!

Love the beach scenes. I grew up in San Diego, so it's a blast from the past for me!

Panda is darling.

But I really want to hear more about the shawl . . .lol

That's it. I'm taking Dot to the beach.

While it's really tough to compete with Panda, the shawl is holding its own and looking just wonderful. I love the way the colors shift as the pattern radiates. I think the end result will be stunning.

Ditto Meira.I have been checking your blog 2x a day for updates on the progress!

We're planning on taking Jasper to the beach in May. Taking our Sasha to the beach had been a spring-time ritual for us for the last few years of her life. Of course our beaches here on the right coast aren't nearly as interesting (or as close by) as yours are. :)

the lace looks lovely. i still intend on buying some of that roving that you bought, but i guarantee i won't get lace weight. i tend to break it every time i try for super fine singles (granted, i spin on a wheel, too). and i'm so jealous. i ADORE the beach, and i'm trying to convince my fiance that where ever we end up for our honeymoon, i want there to be a beach nearby. right now, i'm pushing him towards san antonio. his brother lives down there (not that we'd be staying there!), and there's lots to see and do. and maybe yarn shops? i'll have to find out, lol.

Ok, I KID YOU NOT, as I launched your blog, I was actually thinking "I need to email her and prod her for some Panda pics...we haven't seen her in a while."

Seriously. :-)

I love her already and I don't even know her!

I think you can't bear not to like the shawl because it's truly beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished and blocked.
And thanks for the Panda pics. What a cutie!

The crowd goes wild for Panda!!!!!!!!!!!
Yea Panda had a fun day at the beach.

Hey, you were down here in my neck of the woods. About 2 minutes from my house to be exact. You could've come over for dinner and a sunset. As always, Panda is a doll. And, your handspun is spinning up soooo great! I love that it is making into a cool shawl.

great pictures!!

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