My spinning's getting a little worsted


Ah, my beautiful new spindle!

One of the reasons I asked for a heavier spindle for my birthday was because I wanted to start spinning different weights of yarn. Of course, any of my lighter spindles can be used to spin chunkier yarn, but I think the extra weight is helpful. So, after practicing with some spare merino, I pulled out my gorgeous olive green Corriedale and I tried spinning some thicker yarn.

The singles are about a DK weight, it's much thicker than I usually spin, but by the end, I was getting pretty consistent results. Since I use the Andean Plying method, my most even bits are plied against my most inconsistent bits so the overall effect doesn’t look so great, but I can live with that.

When plied, I got something around a worsted or a little thicker weight. Actually, fresh off the spindle, it was more of a chunky or bulky weight, there was a lot of loft, but having washed and hung the yarn, I’ve still kept a bit of loft, but the yarn is closer to worsted in weight. I still love the finer weight yarns I’ve spun, but it’s good to practice spinning a bit thicker.

As for the spindle, it’s working beautifully. A couple people asked if I had noticed a wobble or any other problems, and I have not. This is a beautifully balanced spindle that gets enough momentum to keep spinning and spinning. I would guess that people who have had problems may be using a design without as much symmetry, which could throw the balance off a bit. That’s just my guess.


mmmmmmmmm yummy. i don't spindle spin (i learned on a wheel, and have never gotten into the spindle thing), but that makes it tempting, lol. very nice stuff.

Wow Marnie,
You get some great yarn on your spindles. I can do that on my wheels but to do that on your spindles is VERY impressive. Nice job. I LOVE it. Thanks for showing that and your beautiful spindle....

Beautiful, Marnie! That color is gorgeous and the spindle is so amazingly beautiful!

I can't decide what's more beautiful, the spindle or the yarn!! You are one talented lady, and I am as green as that yarn.

I know nothing about spinning - but that looks great! I love that first picture of the spindle and that beautiful yarn!

Um, from where I sit, the overall effect is beautiful.

Isn't it odd how lace- to fingering-weight ends up being the autopilot weight for a lot of spinners? It's definitely that way for me. I have to really focus to get anything thicker than that. Of course, my spindles aren't that heavy, so...that could be part of the problem.

Lookin' good, Ms. M! :-)

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