I like my birthday to last as long as possible


Wednesday was a long day. It wasn't a bad day, but it was long. Leo and I left the house at 5:15 AM, so we could make some early morning work obligations, and we didn't get home till almost 9 PM, because I had a beginner knitting class to teach that evening. That's a long day. But, awaiting me, when I returned home, was a big package with a little surprise inside.

It's a belated birthday present from my step father, a brand new spindle from Golding.

I now have four wonderful spindles in my collection.

From left to right, their weights are:
1.9 ozs, 1.3 ozs, 0.9 ozs, 0.6 ozs

I've been spinning some merino and I think I'm getting a feel for the heavier weight. It's been a nice match and a good chance to practice spinning some thicker gauge yarn, though I have to admit that my left arm gets tired more quickly. I can see myself using this spindle a lot. The larger whorl means I can use it to ply my finer yarns and the weight is a nice match for roving that tends to be grippier (technical term).


I hate days like that. Mostly cause I worry about our pretty dog. How does Panda handle it?

That IS a long day . . . nice little reward at the end of it, though. (I did remember to wish you a happy birthday, didn't I?)

I heart those Golding spindles. Did you see the article in Spindlicity about the physics of spindles? Very cool.

You have a lovely collection of spindles! I hope you have them displayed so you can look at them even when you aren't using them. Beautiful!

Happy birthday!
I love your celtic knot spindle! I bought the Midnight Sky one a few months ago and I also had to get used to the heavier weight. Mine does have a wobble in it though. Does yours spin even? Anyway, that's gorgeous collection you've got!

Oooooooooo, Golding....


Those spindles are gorgeous - you are so lucky to be so spoiled! lol

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