Not much progress


I haven't had as much time to knit as I'd hope, so the shawl is going slowly. Admittedly, that's partially because I don't consider it a traveling knit. I really have to focus on it pretty well to make sure I don't mess it up and that means it's hard to work in poor lighting or while commuting. But, I am still really happy with it and am channeling all those words of encouragement from folks.

Wanna see more?

It kind of looks like it did in the previous post, huh? But I'm not just knitting for it, I'm spinning for it too.

Here's everything I've spun to date. It comes out to about 74 grams sock weight yarn.

My most recent batch is 67 yards and weights 20 grams. Anyone have any idea how many yards/grams I'll need to make an averaged sized shawl?


I would say that your are about 2/3 of the way there with 74 grams. Probably not more than 100 to 110 grams for an average shawl, if your yarn is lace to sock weight. To be safe, you might want to spin up another 50 grams since you are knitting top down. It would be a shame to run out.

Well, not sure in grams (I remember learning in grade school that a gram was a raisin. My daughter was so tiny when she was born very early that they weighed her in grams. So I can't help but think of her early weight in raisins...and I have no idea how many raisins a shawl equals) but in ounces, I have seen about 4 oz. for a shawl in laceweight. Sock weight would be a bit heavier, obviously. Whatever the weight, your spinning looks marvelous and the shawl is looking fantastic, however many raisins it equals ;-)

Wow. The shawl looks beautiful. And the color is just stunning!

How much yarn it will take will depend on how big you want it. I think the Koigu shawl, Charlotte's Web, calls for something like 700 yards. It's not a real big shawl and the yarn is about sock weight I think. Your shawl looks very pretty.

I have no idea as to the answer to your question, but I can say OH, MY GAWD...THE COLOR IS STUNNING! Sorry, had to spaz for a moment. That truley is a beautiful shawl. :)

Wow. The sunrise/sherbet/peach shine on a bubble/ apricot color is edible!!! If I could buy your yarn, I would. Yum.

You are doing so well with your spinning.
When it comes to how much yarn you will need, it is hard to tell. But I would guess that you will need at least 100 grams.

It looks very nice!

My lace shawls usually take less than 4 oz of lace weight wool, and my shawl in fingering weight took about 6 or 7 oz, but it was much thicker. I believe someone knit Seraphim (the fingering weight one) with somewhere around 600 yds.

Oh my gosh, that is lovely! That roving is one of my favorite colors, and your shawl looks like a fairy shawl--all light and floaty. Nice job on the spinning.

My shawl I just finished took about 2.5 oz or 750 yards in laceweight. I guess it depends on how big you want it. Even a shoulder shawl would be beautiful.

So beautiful! I absolutely love these colors. Tequila Sunrise! Awesome work!

ok, that's it. i know i saved the email you sent me with the info of where you got the roving. i gotta get me some!

on another note, did you ever hear from CAP?

Oh my golly -- gorgeous! I have to remind myself to send you some of my roving when I return Drake!

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