I'm almost reluctant to post this


I'm back to trying to design a shawl with my handspun, and once again, I'm starting from scratch with a new design and new yarn.

For those of you who visit regularly, you are probably well aware of my current fascination with my Autumn Spice Cotswold from Nistock Farms. It will then come as no surprise that I want to actually knit what I've spun.

This is what I have so far.

I like it. So why am I reluctant to post this? Because I'm a bit worried it will go awry, as my previous attempts at a shawl have. I'm not terribly fond of repetitive knitting. I'd much rather work something with an intricate stitch pattern or lots of shaping, than something that's very repetitive. I can manage a scarf or sock, here and there, but it's hard for me to keep my interest. So will this piece ever be anything more than a glimmer in my eye? Time will tell.

Even more questionable, though, is whether or not I'll ever spin enough of the roving with my spindle to have a shawl large enough cover my shoulders. I suspect I’ll need quite a bit once my rows get a bit longer.

More spicy goodness, after the bump

Here's a closeup of the stitch pattern

It's really hard to see without being properly blocked.
As you may be able to tell, I'm taking all precautions using both stitch markers and life lines to ensure I can undo whatever mistakes I might make.

My most recent batch of yarn, off the spindle is showing itself to be quite different from the previous few batches.

Take a look.

That's some of my earlier handiwork, twisted over the newest batch. See how much lighter, pinker and creamier the new stuff is?

I'm hoping it won't look too jarring. It's a surprise, every inch I spin, because the roving itself is so airy and floofy, that I can't really tell what color I'll get until I spin and ply it together. It's almost embarrassing how excited I get when I see an unexpected color spark to life in the drafting zone. Normally, my rovings are very distinctly delineated, but the Cotswold just continues to surprise and delight me.


Your spinning is amazing and the shawl is beautiful. The color just blows me away.

I have some of that Autumn Spice on order, and can't wait to get it! (Thanks for the heads up0!

The Plums and Berries Cotswold spins up beautifully as well, and the colors are right up your alley (greens, purples and blues).

Just an FYI

It's looking just beautif. . . I mean, that looks horrid. I don't know why you're wasting your time like that. It's probably going to be awful . . .

(Hope that helps keep the jinxes away!)

I think it's just lovely. At least you can alternate spinning and knitting to keep things lively.

hey! just knit your nautilus hat & posted some photos on my journal. thank you so much, i love it! (and life-lines were a very good idea)

Oh man Marnie,
That shawl is going to be STUNNING!!!!
Of course I had to be a sheep and follow you to Nistock farms when you first started spinning up your Autumn Spice. I first bought 8 oz. and I am determined to spin in ONLY on my spindle. Then I fell in love with how well it is spinning up and I went and bought 2 freaking lbs. of it! I also bought a blend of some of her fleeces and i am going to blend and dye those up to see what I get. Thanks for the push in the RIGHT direction.

Talk to you soon....

The shawl and the yarn are beautiful! I could never knit a lace shawl, I'd lose interest so fast. Have you ever thought about knitting a lace shrug with ribbed sleeves, maybe? Something that keeps your shoulders and arms warm, but isn't too much repetition. I'm thinking of doing this with some lilac Jagger Spun wool-silk I got recently.

I can't wait to see it. But I'll stick with Deb's jinx philosophy and say it looks gross. Hmm, yes, like a melted popsicle. So there!

(I tried) ;)

Hi! I'm a constant reader, but I don't comment much. (Most of what I want to say has usually already been said by the time I read.)

I'm just getting into spinning myself, and I was wondering how you get so much loft into your yarn. Maybe it's the fibers I'm working with, but my stuff seems to be less airy. Any suggestions?

Also, thanks for all the gorgeous eye-candy! It's so inspiring!

I reckon the old and the new yarn may cause a little striping but they will tone with each other and it will be fab!
I know what you mean about heeping to a pattern for a long time - sometimes even a sock doesn't hold my interest! Other time I could knit a mile of garter stitch....

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