Amazing Crochet


This is art and craft of exceptional quality.
Found via Drawn

I may be wrong, but I suspect that a lot of this is actually machine knit fabric, cut and sewn into shape and other pieces look like they may be crocheted, but without being able to see them more closely, it's hard to say. Either way, amazing stuff.

UPDATE: Urraca informs me that the artist is Patricia Waller and the pieces are all crochet. Some of those are either huge pieces or some extremely fine gauge crochet. Make sure you check out Patricia's site for more of her beautiful work.


Thanks for the link! What hilarious knitting! Drawn is now going to be a daily read for me! What talent!

How delightfully twisted!!

Patricia Waller uses crochet not knitting to make her pieces (she has some embroidery as well).

See her official website:

häkelarbeit = crochet

I dunno, I find her stuff stomach-turning, rather than witty. G.A.K.

While I wouldn't want her "patterns" on my site, the image of knitted/crocheted S&M equipment all done in pink is wonderfully ironic! Thanks for sharing.

i needed that laugh, thanks!


better than R. Kelly.

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