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As I reported before, almost all my knitting has been on my stealth project so I can only entertain you with spinning, for now. I hope that those of you who aren't spinners aren't too bored with it all.

After such success with my soy silk roving worked on my 0.6 oz spindle, I thought I should try it on some of my other roving.

The result is about 52 yards of two ply Lace to DK weight yarn.

More yarn porn after the bump

I grabbed all three skeins of the purple silk/merino I've spun on my 0.9 oz spindle and combined them into a single, rather satisfyingly large skein.

Below it is my new skein. There is most definitely a difference in weight though both are delightfully soft. I was able to spin the soy silk more finely than the purple roving. It may be that the soy silk is just less lofty or it could have something to do with the way the fibers catch each other (or don't). I'm still too new to spinning to really say.

Here's a more artsy picture of the two skeins.

And now that I've spun my lovely purple roving, I thought I should try another fiber type. Here's a little of my rich olive green Corriedale

I think I prefer spinning this roving on a slightly heavier spindle than the 0.6oz. It spins beautifully but I like the additional of a little extra weight when the roving is grippier. The lighter spindle is great for rovings without much friction. You have a greater margin of error before the strands get away from you. But the Corriedale doesn't really give into gravity so easily and the additional weight of the other spindles means more momentum.


I love Correidale and Coopworth. That burgandy I am spinning is Corriedale. I would like to go back to spinning it and finish it off, but I am too addicated to this sweater I am trying to finish!

I like them both, but the olive is stealing my heart....

That green roving is stunning!

Oh man, that HUGE skein is what I was going for with my Barberpole Rose. Yours looks great.

Corriedale does indeed require a little more weight. Have you started thinking about staple length and crimps when it comes to spinning different fibers? I'm at the point where it's starting to become really interesting...

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