How do you make your knits look great?


Put a baby in them.

Jess said I could post pictures of her little one making my Dragon Hoodie look almost too cute to bear.

If you think that's cute, check out the other pictures, after the bump.

This little dragon says, "Socks are a great way to get more fiber in your diet."


I loved it when I saw it in person a few weeks back. Now that I see it on the adorable recipient, it is even cuter. So nice. And what a cute baby.

How cute is that baby?! So sweet. I love how your hoodie's ears are perfectly placed on the baby's head. I've got to make one of these for my own future munchkin.

What a precious baby in a cool sweater! I love it!

you should have heard the "squee!" when i saw that. too darling! such a sweet baby, too.

Dying of cuteness!

Even Lynne-the-not-at-all-clucky thinks those baby dragon hoodie shots are very cute!
Your handspun is coming along a treat, and thanks for the star stitch directions - must try it out!

I'm probably being a bit bold here. I have a question/request to ask of you regarding a mutual friend. Could you email me? THanks.

Those pictures are SO. CUTE. ohmygoodness. I *love* the sock one!

Wheeeeeee! I can't wait to start on my hoodie... although the baby isn't due until April, hrmph.

this is the cutest baby!! (after my own, of course ;) but i think mine would improve A LOT with a Dragon Hoodie... )

Oh man. These pictures totally belong in a knitting magazine/book. So Cute

Those sure are some great pictures! What a cutie!

Absolutely adorable. I almost can't stand it! I'll have to make one of those someday...

I don't even know anyone who's thinking about having children and I'm considering knitting one of those hoodies "just in case". I swing by your website fairly regularly, and am pleased to say that your patterns are excellent and easy to follow.

Here's looking forward to another project (because I NEED more things to knit),

How cut baby, hes just adorable. I dont have any litle children, but i really has too knit this cute Dragon Jachet

that is the cutest!


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