If you happen to be my boss, please go away


I think the likelihood that my boss comes to my blog is slim to nil, she's the director of a department in a world renowned company, I'm sure she has more important things to do, but better safe than sorry.

See her rather belated Christmas present after the bump

I've actually had three different bosses in the past 2.5 years that I've been in my current position. The first was a fellow knitter for whom I designed the original Dragon Hoodie when she became pregnant. A little taste of motherhood and she was done with the grind. My next boss was a wonderful woman who managed several offices, all of which were 20+ miles from my own. With her hands full and hardly enough time for the things she had to do, I was handed off to the director of our department, located in the same facility as I am.

All three have been entirely different in their management styles and their expectations for what I would do and it's been exiting to evolve my role accordingly. My current boss has afforded me a lot of opportunities to grow and learn about the department and company and I thought it would be nice to make her a little something as a thank you.

A conscientious employee would have presented the gift before the holidays, but I am far better at meeting work deadlines than holiday deadlines, so belated is the best I could offer.

About the pattern

Pattern: My own

Type: Crochet

Yarn: Fiesta Yarns La Luz

I crocheted the piece lengthwise, which worked fairly well, though, if I had to do it again, I would do it widthwise. The lengthwise direction tends to cause the trellis effect to close up. I still think it looks nice, but it could be better. This is what poor time management can do to pattern design.

The yarn is delightful. La Luz is 100% spun silk and a dream to work with. The nature of pure silk is a bit like cotton in that it is heavy and lacking in memory. But those factors are not a problem for scarves and the softness and rich colors of silk are perfectly highlighted in this sort of item.

I chose crochet instead of knit because most crochet stitches look, essentially, identical on the back and front, with no curling. The number of knit stitches with those properties are far fewer.

Now all I have to do is prepare a card with care instructions and hand it off to my boss tomorrow.


Your boss is one very luckly lady, it is truly beautiful

wow. great gift! the last boss i had was, er, the last boss i had. horrible enough to make me leave the corporate world forever. the only thing i could have fashioned out of yarn for her would have been a noose. but if i'd stayed in that job one more minute, i'd probably have used it on myself. such a jolly vision to share during this holiday season no? what i meant to say is, the yarn colors are beautiful too!

oh it looks great! perfect for southern california too. i think she'll love it.

It's beautiful! Your boss is lucky.

Oooh, I wish I was your boss! Beautiful!

it's me, from the CAP project.

can i be your boss? i'd love to receive a gift like that! silk! (granted, i'm making a silk shawl for my SIL, so i suppose she's a very lucky woman too, lol!)

keep up the good work!

That is beautiful. Can you post the pattern?

Oh, I love that scarf!!!

It's beautiful - she'll love it.


Wow! That is one beautiful scarf! Love the colors and the trellis pattern!

Jeez - what about - Beautiful Marni - if you put the pattern up for sale I will buy it!!!

Marni - love your work - absoutely lovely.

wonderful! I am really enjoying your website, and I hope you come visit us over here: www.woolywonder.com/forums because we are quite enthralled with your designs!

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