Is this what I think it is?


I think I may have spun a balanced yarn. I'm not sure here, I'm still a relative novice, but fresh off the spindle, after plying, it appears to rest pretty comfortably, without twisting back on itself.

This is some of the beautiful green merino and silk roving my parents sent for Christmas. I haven't washed it and hung it yet and it's still seems to be hanging in a manner that would suggest it is balanced. I didn't mean to but there you go. After taking the pictures, I gave it a quick soak, so it'll be knit ready by dinner time.

More pics after the bump.

Here's a close up of the finished yarn. It's not perfect but it's as consistent as any yarn I've spun to date. What makes it even nicer is that both MJ and Andrea spun a few inches of it while we were all hanging out at the Knit Cafe.

And because I'm an insane doggy mommy,
Don't judge me
I forced Panda to model my handspun. Both of these photos should be captioned, "Why dogs attack."


Panda is so cute. And so patient.

Your handspun looks great. I can't wait to be able to spin a balanced hank.

Miss you!

Beautiful yarn.
Beautiful pup!

beautiful yarn! and a VERY good dog!

Since Panda is both beautiful and well balanced, your spinning has to be, too.

Re: balanced yarn. I think that it's likely balanced, though I know that if you let yarn sit on the spindle (or bobbin) for a length of time it will get used (?)to that amount of twist, and if you ply it so it hangs straight, it will, in fact, no longer be balanced when it's wetblocked. However, it's only been a couple of days since you spun the singles, right? So you may well have spun a balanced yarn! :D

re: panda - you are such a bad mommy! (just kidding). That's one hell of a K9 you have there... I wish I could meet her in person. I think she's the perfect dog for you and Leo.

Sravana, who will be getting a second poodle in *2* days! :D :D :D

Just when I think it's not possible, that dog just gets cuter.
Congrats on the yarn progress, I'm sure your twist and consistency improve with every skein you make.

I have just started spinning and it is an inspiration to see and read about youre spinning. You must be a fast learner, 'cause in a short time you have become really good at it.

You have a very helpful and sharming dog. There is no way any of my two cats would be at any help with my yarns.

The yarn looks beautiful, and Panda very, very patient! (grin)

Great job! It sure looks balanced to me. :)

I am so impressed! After successfully avoiding spinning, a spindle "appeared" last week and I'm about to try it.

Here goes...

Oh, Panda has a muzzle spun by her mommy! ;-)
Isn't it pleasing to spin a well balalnced yarn?

Happy Holidays to you and Panda!!!

I'm really enjoying your adventures in Spinning - that Panda! I love how she is just curbing her obvious enthusiasm for being a model in those pics...

Happy New Year Marnie!

"Why dogs attack", Marnie you're such a riot. LOL

You can't be 60738 serious?!?

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