Something for Sofi


Sofi is the name of the little girl who will be wearing this sweater soon.

The only thing not done are the spots. I'm not sure I'll have time to do them and I don't think the sweater is hurt by being plain, but the spots sure are cute. We'll see. I'm also dangerously low on purple yarn so what spots I might knit will be of a fairly small quantity.


the hoodie looks great as is, but if you really want the spots, what do you think about embroidering them in? it might be quicker than knitting.

just a thought :)

That's insanely cute, with or without spots. I think I need to add that to my baby-knitting list.

So cute. I want a spinal shot!

That is just adorable!!

Oh, very cute! I want to see the back, too.

i'm with julia! i wanna see a spinal shot. that is so darling! of course, i think it's cute, lol (with my name, lol?). spots, yes! maybe you could find some matching fleece or felt? just a thought

I didn't realize it had's even cuter than I thought it would be! I think it looks great without the spots.....but I agree with Jody, embroidering might be an option....

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