Panda is thirteen years old, today, which is, I think, "lady of a certain age" in dog years. We probably shouldn't even be talking about it. Panda had her yearly vet appointment this week, where she got a clean bill of health. Darwin worried about her the whole time she was with the doc.

Will she ever come back?

Yesterday, we took her to the ocean because, of course we did. She's definitely slowing down but she doesn't enjoy it any less.


She's the only one who likes wading into the deep end. Some of that may have to do with the fact that Thea sinks in water and Darwin couldn't care less about fetch. His primary role is to body check his sisters. He's a real stinker.


Thea also enjoys riding her invisible bicycle.


Some seals watched us playing


And we watched some anemones do their anemone thing.

My anemone's anemone is my friend

Then we ended our evening with some fish and chips. The pups may have gotten a little bit of that too. The birthday celebration continues today. The pups are blissfully mellow, leaving the old lady to relax. Tonight, we'll cook up a little fresh salmon and sneak a little into their food, and of course, there are plenty of belly rubs and snuggles to go around.

Here's to my sweet old lady. If you have a pet, pass along a birthday scritch to him or her, on Panda's behalf.


Happy birthday, Panda!

Baxter sends Panda a hearty sniff and a cookie with best wishes for a very happy birthday!

Our doggy Milo says woof woof happy birthday to Panda! And many more!

I don't know where you live, but if your dogs ever make it to San Francisco they must go to Fort Funston, it might be the best dog beach in the world! Happy birthday to Panda, what a great birthday celebration.

Sounds like an amazing Oregon Beach day. Happy Birthday to Panda. I'll give an extra cuddle to my Monkey (dog, named Monkey) for her.
I'm a believer in feeding salmon to my pets- the fish oil is so good for them. Especially for those of a certain age:)

Happy birthday, Miss Panda! My Jasper (now 9, jeezopete) and Willow (just over 1) send love and ear licks and best wishes for good health and long(er) life!

Happy birthday to Panda.

Happy Birthday Panda!

Doggie beach trips are the best!

belated happy birthday wishes to Panda girl, so beautiful.

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