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When we aren't home, we set up motion sensitive cameras around the house that automatically save photos, whenever there is movement, to a server. Leo also gets a message on his phone and can view the photos remotely. On the off chance something horrible happens while we aren't home, we'd have a heads up and loads of pictures to reference. Good stuff.

The Doodle-boy has been getting into a fair bit of trouble lately so we decided to train one of the cameras on the kitchen.

Yah, he's looking for trouble. I guess we've gotten good at securing the provisions in the kitchen. As you can see, he turned up empty handed in his investigation.

Confident that we had thwarted D-dog's attempts at mischief, we returned home to unload our groceries, the smell of hubris wafting about us. We opened the door and the mud room was littered with blue and white confetti, the tattered remains of one of these:

Found here.

It once held 6 pounds of senior formula dog food we'd just bought for Panda. It now held about 1.5 pounds of slightly slobbered upon kibble.

Darwin tried to jump up to say "hi" to us but he was carrying some extra balast and wasn't as spry as he normally is. Thea was groaning, waddling slowly through the house, too uncomfortable to lie down but not much more comfortable standing up. Panda refused to come out of the bedroom, though her bloated belly suggested she hadn't been a mere bystandard, this time.

It's about 4 hours later and if Darwin had a watch, he'd be tapping it and asking us where dinner is. That boy is a handfull.

I'll tell you this, though, there's no risk of my becoming a dog hoarder any time soon.


Bad dog, Darwin!!! He's definitely a counter-surfer-type.

Sometimes they grow out of it... mostly.

I think I'd lose a LOT of time watching those. :) I really love the jump up to see what may be there. Of course it's easy for me to laugh, as I'm not the one cleaning it up or dealing with the other results. But see, he is a good dog, for the simple fact that you won't become a dog hoarder! (disregarding the fact completely that I doubt that was ever a true risk).

Our basset hounds ripped a small hole in the corner of their bag of food and ate and ate one day. We got home, and I kept asking "Don't the dogs look fatter to you? It's like they grew while we were at brunch." And my mom kept saying "don't be silly, the dogs didn't grow in 2 hours."

Then we found the hole in the corner of the bag as they waddled outside and slept in the sun for hours. (And true to puppy form, were beginning for dinner that night.)

Look at him get right up on the counter! I'm so naiive. I am always shocked when the puppers disregard the golden rules. Just this weekend I had some cheese and when my boy decided he wanted some too he just went over and took the rest right off the counter! Chomp chomp chomp right in front of me.

I don't know why I would be so stunned. He is well tall enough to take stuff off the counters with all four paws on the ground. I just always assume they know they aren't allowed. Turns out, they don't care if they are not allowed!

So funny! Our older basset put a dent in a bag of food. Her belly was huge afterwards. If we hadn't interrupted -- I think she might have eaten til she burst. She didn't eat for three days...

He is a puppy ... in another year or so he will calm down and behave as well as the girls ... just think of the pleasure he brings in the stories you tell, the precautions you take [you are smarter than he is after all], and the lack of boredom he brings to your home.

Too funny-- I love when he gets up on the chair. But we just got a puppy two weeks ago (still too little to get up on the counters), so I am only too aware that I may be in your shoes in the near future....

I have the same kind of kibble container but mine sits in a large crock that I found at an auction. The crock is just the right diameter so that the lid fits on top and the bag hangs inside. Of course I have cats, not dogs, and they're not strong enough to move the crock or lift up the bag.

Many years ago, when I was single & lived alone with a kitty, I went away for the weekend - well not the entire weekend - left after work on Friday & got home late Sunday afternoon or early evening. I made sure the box was clean, left several bowls of water & kibble. When I came home (after less than 48 hours), I discovered that kitty was not as pleased to be left alone as I thought. She had managed to rip open a 25 lb bag of kitty litter, spread it all over the kitchen floor & used it! One of the kitties we have now (formerly my daughter's - he's 18 & on medicine for an overactive thyroid). Eats an incredible amount of food - 3 or 4 cans a day by himself (the other 2 will not eat anything but kibble). I think if we let him, he'd eat 5 or 6 cans of food a day. Fortunately, he hasn't figured any way to get the cans open himself!

that is hysterical! that type of camera would definitely be a time suck for me!!

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