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I think we need something other than me, wrapped in duct tape, at the top of this blog, if only for my own sanity.

I'm in LA for work, this week, so most of what I would post about is "I had a nice meeting." and "Oh yah, this is what wearing shoes is like!" Not very interesting stuff.

So instead, here is a picture of Darwin with the first bloom from our little rose garden and a sprig of lilac.

Season's first rose_06

And if that isn't entertaining enough, you can read the poetic missives

of some *ahem* admirers I had on flickr, who are now no longer permitted to opine on my photos. They get pretty colorful near the end. You've been warned.

The moral of this post: The internet is for pervs and pets.

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oh dear god ... what's wrong with people? I making my flickr private right now!

oh my......those comments got a few jaw drops, they certainly are persistent........

Wow. Just wow. My dad would be using that as an example of why NOT to post ANY photos of myself. Ugh. Gross. I have to concur, I had a few jaw drops too.

Wow. It's almost like they were trying to one-up each other, lol.

Good thing you are taking it with a sense of humor.
Can you delete comments in Flickr?

Good lord, Marnie -- sorry you have to endure that nonsense. And readers, I can see why you might see these as a prod to make more of your Flickr photos private, but I hope we all remember that it's the commenters that are to blame, not Marnie.

I've been targeted by an even more twisted mofo -- a woman in my case -- for photos like Marnie's that you would have to work hard to view as kinky. I refuse to see this as my fault for posting photos online.


Looks likes someone needs to find a hobby.

I'm sorry that happened to you. :( You are taking it well.

Darwin is so like my Bil! It seems very hard that I just can't reach over and squeeze him.

OMG! Gross - what on earth woiUld make some perv post comments like that? Surely they can't think that any woman would enjoy reading them! Yuck! The picture of Darwin was a much needed antidote after that. What acute.

hey, at least their grammar was pretty decent. there was even a "nicely" deployed.

i recently got a comment from someone who complimented me on how i didn't look quite as fat in one dress as i had in another. i'm pretty sure the person was a non-native English speaker because the comment was pretty hard to understand, but still.

OMFG where did they all COME from?! Wow I mean, what is there to do besides laugh and block, I suppose. And as horrible as they all are, I think the one in lolcat speak might be my favorite/least favorite. I mean, really. Lolcats? Is nothing sacred!!

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