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For those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter, this is now day old news but for the rest of you, I'm proud to introduce you to our newest little rescue, Darwin.


We adopted him yesterday through Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue, the same rescue from which we got Thea.

He was fostered by a fantastic family who had two BCs of their own, so he comes to us in great spirits and well cared for.

I will definitely be posting more but for now, we're off to Puppy Preschool!


Your puppy preschool is a great place!! We took our first puppy preschool class there too. We don't live too far from it. Everyone we encountered there were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

Oh my goodness, how adorable. I love the little "socks" on his feet. Looking forward to lots of puppy pictures!

Welcome, Darwin! So, so cute!

And, welcome to the challenges of photographing a dark-faced dog (grin).

There is nothing more fun than watching dogs play. The play stance just makes me happy.

OMG -- sooo adorable. A Border Collie definitely needs Puppy Preschool with all that energy they have. There is a group in the Chicago area that uses BC's as assistance dogs for people in wheelchairs. They do amazing things. Congrats on your new family member!

oh my gosh ADORABLE. The playing is so so sweet. Congratulations!

Darwin is soooo cute! Makes me want another puppy even more.

Such a cutie! Also, Ms. Thea is teaching him all the things in this. I love how Panda is just watching, then cautiously sniffing him. "Mom, what is this and where did it come from?"

He's just perfect and must be a totally spoiled baby brother for his big sisters to torment. Are you sure you're not finally ready to spin dog hair into yarn?

I'm not so sure thta's your puppy ... I think it's Thea's! Too cute!

Awww, congratulations. He is adorable. :) :)

Completely adorable!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

He's insanely adorable! Thea looks thrilled with her new brother. Congrats to all of you!

So adorable and loveable ... I'm sure Darwin will figure out where he needs to relieve himself quickly ... with the girls setting a good example.

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