Things I'm doing when I'm not blogging.


Well, mostly I'm working and often I'm also knitting more super secret stuff.

Secret Project Yarn

Beautiful yarn, though, don't you think?

I also canned for the first time.

Blueberry jam

Some of the 10 jars of blueberry jam I made from berries we picked locally. We've already gone through three jars in, um, an embarrassingly short period of time and berry season is pretty much over. Next year, we get serious.

And of course, the dogs are making sure we don't forget to go to the beach.

Manzanita, Oregon, August 27, 2010

Pacific City, Oregon August 21, 2010

Next post will be a little behind the scenes on Tolovana.


Mustn't forget to take the girls to the beach!

And, jam ... one of these years, I really have to try that...

Look at Panda go! I love that she goes for glory, then graciously gives the frisbee up to her little sister. What a cute pupper.

Apparently, frozen blueberries are just as good for jam. I've not tested that theory yet, but I plan to. (Especially because canning really makes sense in winter, when you can use the extra heat.)

I use my blueberry preserves instead of maple syrup on pancakes and waffles. So delicious. If you haven't tried it, add some lemon juice and zest to the blueberry jam. It brightens it up and is just so delicious.

Hmm, canning, I was thinking of doing some peach butter this weekend.

If you want jam in the summer without the heat of canning, I can highly recommend freezer jam. It's super easy to make (berries, sugar, lemon juice & Certo - the recipe is in the Certo package). Years ago, when I lived in an unairconditioned 3rd floor walk-up (right under the flat, black hot roof), we used to buy large flats of raspberries & blueberries on our way home from picking up one of my daughter's from horse back riding camp in Michigan (Michigan being the berry capitol of the US I think). Super cheap, best quality berries &, after gorging on fresh berries, we'd make the leftovers into freezer jam. No way was I about to make traditional cooked jam in a 95 degree kitchen!

That is beautiful yarn! :D The jam sounds really yummy...our weather has been so iffy this year that I haven't been able to harvest much. And as always I love to see the girls having fun at the beach...that was a great shot of Panda running to catch the Frisbee! :)

Mom and I usually manage to make one type of jam together each year - she makes something like 10 kinds. Two years ago we made blueberry with some that my boyfriend at the time and I picked. Although she made it last year with berries we got from the store; it wasn't the same.

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